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Creating a computer based system for a video rental store.

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INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND The organisation, which I am going to be doing, is a video/DVD and games shop. The name of the shop is Starlight Rentals. The organisation is quite a big organisation and this shop has about approximately 100-150 transactions a day. This organisation has a lot of members because if you want to rent a movie you have to be a member. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Starlight rentals deal with up to 100-150 customers everyday and for all the videos/DVD and games, which have been rented all written down on pad of paper. The problem is that because this is written down this is very difficult for owner because every time a movie is returned then the owner has to then look through the all his papers to find the name of the person who has returned the movie and then tick his name off. E.G. NAME MEMBERSHIP NUMBER MOVIE/GAME RENTED DATE RENTED DATE RETURNED PAID YES/NO Shahied Patel Sp03245 Training Day 25.09.03 26.09.2003 Yaseen Gigani Yg03546 Mean Machine 25.09.2003 27.09.2003 David Johnson Dj03465 Cradle To The Grave 25.09.2003 26.09.2003 Muhammad Sheikh Ms06245 Scary Movie 26.09.2003 28.09.2003 Mustufa Adam Ma02354 Scarface 27.09.2003 28.09.2003 The problem with this is that it is very time consuming and very hard looking for the person's name. Also another problem is that all over due rentals are difficult to find out about because you have to look through all the records and because of this you may miss some people out. ...read more.


* The system should be user friendly * In the layout of the database their should consistency * The data should be accurate * The database should be fast. CONSTRAINTS The hardware, which is available, is a computer, which is quite fast and very good. This available at home as well so it is better. A tower, monitor, printer is all available The software, which is available, is Microsoft XP, which includes Microsoft Access, which is what the database will be created on. The person who will be using this system does not have to be an expert on using computers but will need intermediate IT skills to use the database. The reason being that training may also be needed to use the software because this is database, which will be made especially, made for the business itself. The workers which are going to be using the database do not have any experience of using the new system so they will need training. Because training will be needed then it might cost the business some more money and this training may take up to 6 months and this is really necessary. DESIGN COMPARISON OF ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION This project I am doing at the moment is creating a database on Microsoft Access. Another alternative than rather using MS Access could be to use Microsoft Excel which is a spreadsheet package. The reason I feel that MS Access is better for creating this database is because of many reasons One reason which I feel that MS Access is better and more efficient is that ...read more.


In levels of access the workers should have ID and password and in that they can only see certain whereas the manager can see everything. OUTPUT The use if forms to a business is very important because at the end of day the manager of the shop may want to check the sale for the day so on a report he will be able to see it. It is also important that workers cannot amend the data or check the database for any information and also that the workers have a level of access so they can only see certain things. MENU DESIGNS SECURITY Security for database and for a business s very important because you do not want your workers to see all the details of customers or suppliers. for security there should be level of access where the manger can access everything and the customer can only access certain things. Another reason why it is important because you do not want workers to see your sales for the day or to see how much money you make. TEST PLAN TESTING Testing is important because you have to check whether your database works or not or whether it does everything you want it do. One very important reason why testing is important is because if you give your database is being used and there is a fault with it then it will be difficult for the workers to sort it out so you have to make sure that everything works. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shahied Patel AS ICT - Analysis ...read more.

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