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Creating a new system for 'The mix n match dating agency'.

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Identify Background Detail and Identifying the User * 'The mix n match dating agency' has been running for twenty years now. Mike Kinley started it back in 1982 with an aim to bring people together. The agency has been passed down in the family, and now with manager, Peter Kinley is one of the biggest dating agencies in London. The main focus of the company is confidentiality and their people matching skills. Statement of the Problem * The current problem is the office is not very big, and it is in a total mess, papers and files lying around everywhere, when people want to look up on their members the information is very hard to obtain. Their Manager, Peter Kinley is finding very difficult to organise the dates for his customers because all the information of the customers are held in a few filing cabinets which are not organised and there is no way of finding the different members other than looking through every single file. There have been a few problems, where their members have been matched up with the same sex due to names like 'Jamie', which could be both male and female. The problem has arisen, because they do not have a suitable data system, everyone has their own way of doing things and their company is at state. ...read more.


(Address's from the filing cabinet) 2) Male members - forms sent out and data inputted using a keyboard. (Address's from the filing cabinet) 3) Details of previous dates - from the filing cabinet, data inputted using a keyboard. 4) Details of dates to come - from the filing cabinet, data inputted using a keyboard. 5) Must also check for any other useful data in the filing cabinet, data inputted using a keyboard. There will be some processes carried out on the data, validation and verification checks on the field design, and on the queries in the database. Flow Diagram's * A flow diagram and data flow are attached showing the process of making the database and the flow of data through the database. Data Manipulation * The tables required in the system will be Men, Women and Dates. The individual fields in each table will be as follows: Men (Surname, FirstName, DOB, Age, Address, Interests, Hates, PerfectMate) Women (Surname, FirstName, DOB, Age, Address, Interests, Hates, PerfectMate) Dates (Woman, Man, When, Where, Successful) * The computer makes queries about the similar interests, similar address's, similar ages, similar hates and matching perfect mates, this way the date should be a success. Three reports need to be produced. To produce the report for the woman, a query will be run to combine data from the three tables. ...read more.


2) The field for address should be changed into a few different fields instead of just one field, such as Address 1 (and maybe 2), town, and postcode. This will make it easier for the staff and customers to fill in forms, tables and search the database. 3) There should be more than one phone number in the table, as the customers may be out and need to get hold of them so a mobile umber field should be used. 4) There should not be a perfect mate field in the women/men's table, as most of our customers don't know that is why they have joined a dating agency. 5) There should not be a successful box on the date's table, as the reports are printed off for the customers so there is no need for it on the screen. 6) The DOB of the customers is not needed, an age field is enough on the tables, and we are trying to have as little fields as possible you see, so it doesn't take up memory space. 7) The menu, report and form designs are all very good, straight forward and correct, so they do not need to be changed, 8) Maybe a bit of colour on the paper when you design the forms that are sent out to the customers for them to fill in their details. 1 ...read more.

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