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Crime and crime prevention

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Crime and crime prevention Introduction Internet can let people access to the worldwide market place and buy some stuff they want through Internet (example EBAY) and the product will come within one week. Instead of going library-getting information they want, people can also use the Internet and access to World Wide library and get lots of information from it. People can also play the online games and chat with friends on Internet. Internet can allow us to access entertainment easily, which include music, film, movies and games. It was on 24/7, so we can access it at any convenience time. The technology has changed our life, because it has made all the things easier because we can just buying goods at home without going outside. We also can get a cheaper stuff we want from the Internet by compare the price. But some people is making crime with the technology, so the identity theft are beginning to put people off shopping and banking online. As a survey get by a software firm show that 17% of people said they had stopped banking online while 13% had abandoned web shopping. The reason is they are worried about some people would get their card details and stolen money from it. Because the term refers to the practice of creating look-alike websites, often of banks and other financial institutions, and duping people into visiting them and giving out personal information such as pin numbers and passwords. ...read more.


bank webpage) because it wants people to give the bank account and password details to them. But the only different in the text is, the language they using in the webpage is not a proper English so the only way to prevent this is get education. Phishing e-mails are often sent to large lists of people, because it expecting that some percentage of the recipients will actually have an account with the real organisation. The term comes from "fishing," where bait is used to catch a fish and e-mail is the bait. The e-mail could come from someway else, because I have hear a example from teacher is his wife is receive a e-mail from other country and the manager of company is asking somebody who agree to let him using the bank account for transfer the money to other country, if it was success, he will give 10-20% of the money to the account owner. But he was asking people for the password and card number. So once he received the detail, he will transfer money out the account and not into it. So many people have losing money because they give their bank detail to phishers. Britain is facing a growing crime wave linked to Nigeria and based largely on financial scams and immigration and identity frauds, according to a report published today. ...read more.


Keep a record of all your actions, including who you spoke to and when, and copies of letters sent and received. The credit reference agencies may be able to help you with this. Stop Phishing attempts - Software or common sense rules of using the Internet Software to stop Anti - phising group They tell u how to stop it Hacking - passwords that are secure - change every 90 days - interent access to a standalone network - RSA secureID Number and word = strong password Every 20 sec the password is change CCTV - UK has the largest density of CCTV cameras anywhere in the world- take any walk in any city in the UK and you will be being watched. These images are stored and used by Police if required - currently automatic ID from CCTV footage is being worked on. - positive impacts Help police derease the crime , but no personal freedom DNA databases finger print scanners for officers on the beat to check ID - Positive impacts average speed cameras - V Speed traps (hit someone at 40, 90% possibility of death - if the average speed hit at 30m/h, 90% possibility that they will live 10% make the survival liability speed camera at night would help people keep the speed at low, Phone tapping Record the conversation at court, not work at UK ?? ?? ?? ?? Raymond Lew ...read more.

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