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Database Design

Extracts from this document...


AVCE ICT UNIT 6 Database Design HMV I have chosen to design a new database system for HMV for this assignment so that they will be able to store information about their customers, suppliers, employees, order details, different products and shippers. HMV is the UK and Ireland's leading specialist retailer of Music, DVD/Video, computer games and related products. The company operates around 200 stores in key shopping locations nationwide, covering up to over 1million sq. ft. of trading space, as well as having a successful online store at www.hmv.co.uk. HMV's very first store was officially opened in July 1921 by the celebrated British composer, Sir Edward Elgar on London's Oxford Street. Since that time, the company have become better and more popular with the public. HMV is dedicated to offering its customers access to the widest possible range of recorded music titles, DVD's and computer games across all formats. Current problem with the company The main problem with the company currently is that most of their business is done by paperwork. This can lead to the staffs becoming very busy and not having time to do other work. It is also space consuming because the company will have to buy files and filing cabinets which may get full quickly and they may have to pay more in order to get extra space for the files and records. Other then these two problems because of it, there is also the fact that it is time consuming as well and will be difficult to find the information they require quickly. This can prove to be a big problem for the company since they are a big business with lots of customers and employees etc. So if they do not organise their filing system properly then it may lead to them losing customers and therefore losing profit and sales. Data Requirements The database will be based on a list of entities and their attributes like; order number, product name, product ID, supplier name, supplier address, customer ID, employee first name, second name, employee ID, employee birth date, employee address and phone number. ...read more.


I clicked Next because I didn't need any so it took me to the next page which was allowing me to sort records in either ascending or descending order. Next I was asked how I want the layout of my report to look. I selected Columnar and clicked on Next. After this I was asked what style I would like to use. I selected Corporate and clicked Next again. Finally I was asked to give the report a name. I named it Invoice and clicked Finish. This is what the Invoice Report looked like once I had finished. Forms Once all of this was done, I began creating my forms. I made my Main Menu page first so that I know what will be going where. I started by clicking on Forms, then I clicked on Create form in Design view Once I clicked on this it took me to this page, where I was able to edit it and add what ever button etc. I wanted by using the Toolbox I turned the background to pink so that it goes well with the HMV logo I added Since I had started this, I had to begin creating the rest of the forms that will be linked to the buttons created here. I started with the Customer Details form. To do this I had to click on Create form by using wizard which took me to this window I added all the available fields in the order required into the selected fields section and clicked Next. I was then taken to a screen like this Here I can choose what kind of layout I would like to use for my form. There are six different types of layouts, but I chose Columnar for mine. After this window I was asked what style I will like for he form, I selected the style I wanted and clicked Next The final step was to give my form a title, which I named 'Customer Details' then clicked ...read more.


Once you have finished on this form you may exit the page by clicking on the 'Stop' button at the bottom. By doing so you will return to the main menu again. Next button on the main menu screen is the Employee Details page. Once you have clicked on this button, the employee details form will appear From here you may use the bottom buttons to; find a record, add a new record, delete a record, print a record or save the form. Once you have finished you can click the 'Stop' button to exit. Next button on the main menu is the Shipper Information button. This button will take you to the following form On this form you may which to; find a shipper, add a new shipper detail, delete a shipper, save the form, or print the form from the buttons near the bottom. Click 'Stop' again and you will return to the main menu screen. After the shipper information button there is the Supplier Information form. When you click on this button you will be taken to the following form Here you may; find a supplier, add a new supplier, delete supplier information, save the form, or print the form. Then you may exit from the 'Stop' button. Order Details is next on the list, from there you will be able to find a specific order, add a new order information, delete an order, print an order, save the form, or view the invoice report. Press 'Stop' to return to the main menu again. Product Details is the last button on the form. It takes you to the page with details about the products. Here you may; find a new product, add a product, delete a product, save the form, or print the form. Once you have finished you may click the 'Stop' button to return to the main menu again. Once you have finished using the whole database system, you may wish to exit it completely by clicking on the 'Exit' button on the bottom of the main menu screen. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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