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Database - Magazine Subscribers

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Database - Magazine Subscribers The Manager of a magazine business in Preston Mr. Daniel's (Gamers World) has asked me to produce a database to keep track of the subscribers and non subscribers this should make it a lot easier to keep track. This will also include information about the information on the subscriber\non subscriber like the address and full name. Before we came up with this idea he used to just Wright it down in a book this made it very or quad to keep track of who had subscribed and who hadn't . There are a number of possible methods of solving this problem. I could use Microsoft Excel, Works or even Access the are all very good database programs for keeping track of records. ...read more.


* The document should include an icon All of these can be done very easily in Microsoft Works and use from a program such as paint to customize the pictures. All so I may use internet explorer (web browser) to gather more information and pictures. I will also be using camera\scanner to get picture of the skaters. Analyse I have decided to use Microsoft Works to solve the problem that the manager of the magazine. This will allow me to solve all of the problems set in the identify section. Other software and hardware that I will include: Software Reason Paint Shop Pro To design my logo and edit it in the future I will use this very powerful programme. Internet Explorer The internet browser that I will use @ school/home to get information on the show and collect various images ...read more.


Output The main output will be a database including a document. I will print out an example of the database for the manager to check. Backup/Security Since the majority of the work will be done at school where the work will be saved on the school network. This means that the work will be backed up every night. During a lesson I will save my work regularly just in case the power fails or if there's a problem with the computer. Once the presentation has been installed, the computer that runs the program is locked away so that no one can alter the programme. At the magazine office the computer may be linked up to a server like at school that they will be able to back up the database on to. So to ensure the data is safe they will have to be regally backed up to cdrw/dvdrw or zip drive to ensure the data is safe as well. ...read more.

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