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Design a computer system for a video hire shop.

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I work for a video shop called 'Vinnie's Vid's' and he has been moaning about the files. He is complaining that he needs a better way to store files about the users, videos and who has what video on loan. I will make a database for each of the problems and connect them. I will collect the information about users and videos from Vinny. His current system is a paper and pen system, which is too slow and inefficient. It could be lost at any time with only the one copy he will have to start the records all over again. A PC based system is fast, accurate and good for presentations. He has asked me to create a database by using Microsoft Access Objectives: * Make a database, which can find a certain type of film in 30 seconds. * Make a database which can automatically show who has the rented videos. * Make a database which shows who has overdue videos and how much they owe Introduction Choice of Problem: I have noticed that keeping customer records on paper can be time consuming and neither practical or easy to use. ...read more.


203 Green Lanes N8 HFD 8292 4130 YES 20.01.02 Trees Lawn 08 Susan Croft 13 Durahm Road N11 9GJ 8340 4813 NO Vegatables Lawn Hedhe 09 Cherri Benn 98 South view road N13 9HY 8888 8182 YES 2.11.01 Trees Lawn 10 Microsoft Excel: * You can enter information into separate fields * You can get a print out. * You can collate some of your information into a pretty graph. * You can put some of your information into alphabetical order. * You can't query. * You can't carry out searches. * You can only enter data in one format. * It is not easy to add fields or records. * You can only look at it in one view. * It has limited features and is a spreadsheet program Microsoft access: * Easy to search for information * You can bring up one specific field * You can enter information into separate fields * You can get a print out. * You can sort the information. * It is easy to add fields or records. * You can look at the information in several views. * It is a database program with many useful database-making features. ...read more.


The database will have an encrypted modification password and it will be write-protected so it cannot be deleted. If a staff member needs to access the database to modify it, then a staff password is needed. It will not open until the password is correct Information Flow Error Checking To ensure that the information is correct the staff will send the members an invoice with their details they have inputted and attached is another form to fill in the correct information and then collect it and update the database. For the videos the staff will do daily checks on the database to see any obscure looking information in the database and will edit this info by getting the video and re-entering the video data again. Or the staff will do two copies of information identical to each other because the information will be inputted twice and if they are not identical then one or the other or both are changed with the correct information. Skills The user is a competent pc user and will not need any sort of training, he would like it to be user friendly though, so if any new staff join, it will be easy to pick up. ICT coursework 2. Database Project ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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