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Design An ICT System

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Task E: Design An ICT System Lings Music PLC records all the CDs they have in stock by using a database. This allows for the manager to quickly notice if they're stock number is running low or if they have sold out of any CDs, so they can be reordered. Members of staff can access the database through their till so they can check whether a specific CD is in stock without having to look through the shelves for customers. This saves a lot of time and is good customer service. The data the database will store includes: * CD Title * Artist Name * CD Price * Number in Stock * Stock ID * Supplier Name * Supplier Number 1. User Requirements The manager of Lings Music wants to use the CD database to check what cds are in stock. He will want to easily and quickly notice when stock numbers are running low so he knows when to reorder certain cds to ensure he always has cds in stock to sell to his customers. He wants to access this CD database so he can look up on any details regarding a specific CD, whether that is its price or whether or not it's in stock. ...read more.


To make customer service more efficient, members of staff will need to be able to check on their monitor for details about specific CDs to answer customer queries. 6. Type of software To build the ICT system in Lings Music, various different types of software will be needed. They will need data handling software e.g. Microsoft Access Database to produce a database to keep their CD information and stock numbers on, so that the manager can use it to know when stocks are running low, and so that members of staff can access it quickly to know whether or not a specific CD is in stock. They will need word processing software e.g. Microsoft Word to enable the manager to produce order forms which can then be sent to suppliers when their stock is low and they need to reorder. To send these order forms to the suppliers, Lings Music will need an internet browser e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer. The manager will then need to have communication/email software e.g. Outlook Express which will then allow for him to communicate with suppliers and send order forms via email. ...read more.


be entered into fields that require currency, such as the price of the CD and that numbers can be entered into fields that require numerical data, such as the number of CDs in stock. The manager will then need to check for abnormal data. He will need to make sure that the correct information goes into the correct fields in his database and that text isn't entered into a numerical field or that a currency isn't entered into a field requiring text. Finally, he will need to test the extremes of data. The manager will need to check that his database accepts all extremes of data - figures entered between 0-15. He will also need to make sure that the data entered isn't vastly incorrect on either end of that scale, for example, when CD prices should all be less than �15, a price is entered in as �30. To ensure this doesn't occur, he could set a validation rule so that an error box shows if data is entered incorrectly. Once the manager has carried out all these tests on his database, it should be working properly and efficiently, ready to be used within Lings Music. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Sharpe ...read more.

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