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Design for Database - software

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There are different software's, which could be used for this particular task. Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, Microsoft works. These are the different software's that is best to use. * Microsoft word- has the ability to produce invitation inserts (cards). It has a quicker method called 'mail merge' this is a faster way of creating inserts by merging a letter with a database of name and addresses. The name and address of the person will be different. * Microsoft publisher-is purposely designed to produce certain things like invitation inserts (cards),. It can include borders, clipart and detail information for the wedding. * Microsoft excel-spread sheet package, specialized for producing tables, it takes the form of a grid cell into which you can input figures and formulas (extra option) ...read more.


It can also make it attractive very professional and clearly readable. I prefer to use it because it has been specially made to perform this type of jobs. It also automatically does my invitation inserts To carry out my task I will start by Firstly getting the tables which contain the actual invitation inserts. Afterward I will use the help of the mail merging process to convert the table contents into my invitation card form. I will then use the help of clipart, fanciful colors, borders and etc, to help me produce what my invitation card will look like. After making it I will test it to see of it has the right requirements, whatever the results I will then decided how o improve it. ...read more.


Testing plan To be certain that my design has been carried out well presented I will test it in several ways. * Make a survey by asking the opinion of other people on how my design looks like, stating their advantages and disadvantages. * Ask a friend or family member whether if they can read and understand the text. The implementation shows the step-by-step design how problems and difficulties was made and overcame. First stage Problems *I had difficulty on how to use mail merge * * * * I solved this by I used the help of my I.T textbook to get information on how to make insets Second stage Problems *I had problems on how to make my layout * * * * I solved this by Using borders to make the invitation clear. Final stage Testing Evaluation ...read more.

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