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Designing a booking system for an Estate Agent.

Extracts from this document...


Background and Investigation 1.1 An introduction to the organisation. My client is Burnet Ware Sales & Lettings and they are an Estate Agent. Burnet Ware Sales & Lettings is an independent company which was established in 1882. They are based in South London with locations including Herne Hill, East Dulwich, and Surrey Quays. The company deals with residential sales or property, lettings, surveying and management. The purpose of the organisation is to offer their clients up-to-date lettings, sales, marketing and management services. The employees' jobs also involve giving advice on buying or selling, letting or renting. For residential sales the organisation offers their clients free advice and valuations including feedback on viewings and updates on the progress of their sales and this is a no sale no fee arrangement. The managers visit the houses that are going to be put on sale and the property negotiators take the clients for viewing of properties. For Letting and Management they offer client a variety of properties to rent or to buy depending on their choices. They also offer full and part management services for landlords, as well as a tenant only facility. The organisation is a member of professional bodies for estate agents such as the NAEA (The National Association of Estate Agents), ARLA (The Association of Residential Lettings Agents), and RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) so clients are assured that the estate agent is a professional and regulated agent that offers quality service. Burnet Ware Sales & Lettings is a very competitive company with high objectives. The approximate houses they sell a year are 500 and 200 minimum. The company has an approximate of 25 employees. The main office is located in Surrey Quays and has 11 employees and other branches have 3-4 employees spread out. My main contact will be Raj Tevari who is a good friend of mine. He is the associate sales director who deals will all the matter relating to the sales division at Burnet Ware and the branch ...read more.


Also the software itself is not designed to store data but for carrying out calculations. This solution wouldn't meet the client's requirements as the client is asking is to create a booking form so that it will be easier to manage with the client details stored using a form and a separate booking form where the client can be booked for an appointment. This form would include the time and date of visit, with which negotiator and in which property they want to visit. The main purpose as to why the client is seeking for an alternative solution is to prevent double booking and excel is not capable of preventing double bookings. The users can use this to store information but it will be daunting having to go through list of information and deleting them one by one is the records are no longer required. With the proposed system a solution that will needed to be required is a solution that is able to create a booking form that can be operated by clicking buttons or selecting from a drop down menu and Microsoft excel cannot create a booking form that can meet the clients requirements. -Microsoft Access: This is now known as Microsoft Office Access. Microsoft access is a relation management database system and is the most widely used database software as it is the member or the Microsoft office suites. Using this solution to create a system has many advantages in terms of storing data and organisation. Some advantages when designing a system like the client requires is that it is able to create a booking system effectively with the use of tables to create forms. Different tables can then be linked together with the use of relationships which will prevent duplication as the client requires. Queries and reports are also very useful to display the information the client requires such as client details and appointment confirmation. ...read more.


This was one of my strengths. I always made sure that the client saw my work and know my progress. This way I am able to improve and create a better system. In terms of the usability of the system, I carefully considered all the users skills and what they can do. I have made the system very easy to operate by mainly the use of buttons. I also made sure that it was free of jargon by setting validation texts so that users are able to understand error messages well. Also when writing the user documentation I made sure that I used simple English in which whatever level of skill the user has, the user guide will be easy to read, easy to interpret and complete. I made sure that all the relevant information about how to install the system, work the system, how to deal with errors are written on that user guide. My weakness in creating the overall system is my time keeping. Although, I have set a time plan for implementing I still did not stick to this plan and just started working on the system fully when it was nearer to the submission date. I should have planned my time well so that I am able to work to the best of my potential and to make further amendments to the system and my coursework as there would be more time. The more time I had the better the chances of improving. Lastly, because of my time management I had knowledge to work the software but did not have extra knowledge. If I had more time then I would have able to learn more of what other things I could create using the software and extra functions would have been added for example security of system. Also if I had more knowledge then everything on the system should be perfectly working. Evaluating my performance helps me on how I could improve in the future. I should manage my time well, stick to plans and learn more information. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joan de Guzman ICT 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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