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Download services

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Download services There are many types of download service on Internet that include the ability to download music, films, software and upgrades. Music and film downloads are generally aimed at teenagers and young adults because they are more likely to download music onto IPod or MP3 player and watching the new movies which has come out on cinema. Software and upgrades are aimed at a wider audience. The download website call http://www.download.com/ has contains a wealth of downloadable material. Microsoft Download Services Microsoft Window XP has a program can provide automatic download service called Automatic Updates. It used to regularly update the users computer with the latest update from Microsoft. This is can help users to improve the security and reliability of Windows XP, it also reduce the error happen which will possible occurs in future. www.microsoft.com Benefits of Automatic Updates * It can improve computer's health and security. * Microsoft Update is easy to set up and use, because download and install updates can be automatically. * Microsoft releases new drivers and software that increase the performance and functionality of your Windows-based computer. Drawback of Automatic Updates * Every time after install the last update, the computer will asking to restart for getting the effect work, if people are doing work it will wasting time * Sometime it will install some useless program into people computer The picture above is showing the Automatic Updates has downloaded the updates and asking users to install it. Software Many software applications are now available to download, update or upgrade from the Internet. ...read more.


The software is using peer to peer method is such as Kazaa, eDonkey, Limewire, Bitcomet or abc torrent etc. In most of these networks, ordinary Internet users trade files by directly connecting one-to-one. The advantage here is that files can be shared without having access to a proper server and because of this there is little accountability for the contents of the files. Hence, these networks tend to be very popular for illicit files such as music, movies, pirated software, etc. Typically, a downloader receives a file from a single source, however the newest version of some clients allow downloading a single file from multiple sources for higher speeds. The problem discussed above of popular downloads is somewhat mitigated, because there's a greater chance that a popular file will be offered by a number of peers. The breadth of files available tends to be fairly good, though download speeds for obscure files tend to be low. Another common problem sometimes associated with these systems is the significant protocol overhead for passing search queries amongst the peers, and the number of peers that one can reach is often limited as a result. Partially downloaded files are usually not available to other peers, although some newer clients may offer this functionality. Availability is generally dependent on the goodwill of the users, to the extent that some of these networks have tried to enforce rules or restrictions regarding send/receive ratios. I want to talk about the BitComet software. BitComet is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully compatible with BitTorrent, which is one of the most popular p2p protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB sized files. ...read more.


The drawbacks are that you don't always get the file you think you have downloaded and you may download a virus instead of the file. If users have a slow connection then the file download could take a long time. People would possible download the illegal music/film/software from Internet and that also lead the no people would buy the original music/film/software. Conclusion The internet is a world wide resource for information, by the year and year, amount of users increasing. The Internet could only grow large and large. So the new Internet services would appear all the time. However, there are many benefits from the internet, but there are also same amount of drawbacks. Download service can help people update their computer at home, and download the school work via e-mail. But there are many people using the peer to peer technology to download the illegal music or movies through Internet, it cause many company who selling music CD or DVD losing profit, so this is a drawback of download service. The internet is the world's greatest resource, all the information in the Internet can be spread easily in short period of time and it also same to the problems such as new viruses. Over the last 10 years the Internet has been a major contributor to the revolution we have witnessed in new Technologies. It also becomes part of our life, without it we go back to the "Stone Age", because we need to use pen and paper to do all the work out. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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