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Ecommerce (M) BETC IT

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Potential risks to organisations of committing to an e-commerce system Organisation means a group of people work together with a common goal or objective in an organisation, there are many types of organizations, and in my presentation I would use businesses as a type of organization to develop my ideas and explanations. E-commerce offers competitive advantages such as improved customers service, reduced costs and entry to the global market, which attracted a lot of organizations to committing their businesses to an e-commerce system. However this typical system is not as perfect, there are also tons of potential risks of using e-commerce system. Especially for a new to e-commerce organisation, their site always not been fully protected or functioned, it would cause series of issues which need to be solved, and in order to solve these issues, organizations have to pay huge amount of money and time to investigate and maintain their systems. A website never born perfectly, the site like Amazon and eBay, years of changes and development has to be made. ...read more.


It also could attack the payments system, when transactions are done over the internet and when the organizations and its customer's bank details can not be identified. This could cause payment disputes from the real detail holders. These kinds of situations are more commonly to do with credit card payments over the internet. Payment disputes can also arise from ordered goods not been posted or correct delivered from one to another (i.e. B2B, B2C) or goods are not meet to the customer's demands or specification. There are also anther risks an e-commerce system will face: Information theft Means that e-commerce-related outsiders or unauthorized users through a variety of technical means to intercept and steal other people's information such as account details or to obtain the contents of trade secrets. Network attackers rely on a variety of technical ways to break into information transmission; they can tamper the information, remove or insert, changing the destination, so as to achieve their purpose which would undermine the integrity of information. In the network environment, the theft of system resources is a common security threats. ...read more.


as failure of the hardware, software, attack through virus or computer hacker and with the surroundings which also could caused by natural disaster such as power failure, fire or flooding even their online backup server has the possibilities to be affected, if any of these happened the organization will not be able to operate. Also human errors which would made by their own staff who could accidentally pressed a wrong key caused to change the whole meaning of the data base, sometimes it would lead the business suffer heavy losses. Unless swift action is taken, any problems with your e-commerce site will be immediately obvious to the world. E-commerce customers typically have very little loyalty, so if your website is unavailable they will simply move on to one of your competitors. In addition, technical failure can have a significant impact, not only on your customers but also on key trading partners. Due to the prospect of this almost instant loss of revenue, taking steps to prevent problems is much more cost-effective than trying to fix them once they have occurred. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC NATIONAL IT PRACTITIONERS M1 Haoran Wang ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of advantages and disadvantages of how business can implement eCommerce. However the report is missing developed points, and some aspects aren't developed to an acceptable level. The report ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of advantages and disadvantages of how business can implement eCommerce. However the report is missing developed points, and some aspects aren't developed to an acceptable level. The report states how a business will have to change their strategy in order to be successful within the on-line marketplace. This is quite good, as there have reconsigned, that a business may need to employee additional staff, due to the lack of skills within their current staff force. The section 'Information Theft' is quite good, as this explains how business could be damaged due to the loss of data within the business. The section 'DoS / Denial Of Server Attacks', states the effect this can have on businesses. However this doesn't explain how this can be undertaken by a number of people. For example the report could state 'DoS attacks, can be undertaken by a person or organisation by sending large quantities of data to the server. This will overload the server, and the server wouldn't be able to cope with the amount of visitors the website will receive. This will result in the server shutting down and the website crashing and becoming offline for all users, whether genuine users or users from the attacker.

Level of analysis

The report mentions how eCommerce allows business's to have improved customer service, lower costs and entry to the global market. This is quite good, as this states a number of advantages of using eCommerce. However there haven't explained the reason for this. For example the report could mention 'By having an eCommerce site running on-line, this would allow the business to have lower costs due to lower overheads. With using traditional methods (such as a high street store), you would have the pay overheads, such as Rent. With eCommerce this isn't necessary and will; save the company necessary funds.' The above would show the examiner, that there understand the reason to why each point sis an advantage giving a justified reason.

Quality of writing

The term 'eCommerce' isn't broken down to allow the examiner to understand the technical term. eCommerce stands for 'Electronic Commerce', and this isn't mentioned within the report. The report is quite difficult to read, as there's a few missing words and slight sleeping errors which need correcting. The report states 'B2B' and 'B2C', however these terms are explained within the report. 'B2B' stands for 'Business To Business' and 'B2C' stands for 'Business To Consumer'.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 25/02/2012

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