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Edgwarebury Surgery’s I.T. System

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Identify It is obvious to me that Edgwarebury Surgery's' current patient record system is severely outdated and needs rapid improvement. The current system relies almost entirely on manual work, which can now easily and more efficiently be done using a modern computer. This will also save the receptionists, doctors and nurses' time and hassle. At the moment, the records are all stored in a massive filing system and kept in the surgery until needed, which takes up space and can slow down the time taken to find information on a patient. ...read more.


This can be achieved by typing in a database of all registered patients of the Surgery with all required information onto a database program. The information can then be filtered, sorted and edited when needed and does not require manual sorting or time consuming jobs. It would also be possible to password protect the database file, meaning important information cannot be tampered with. Not much software will be needed. A database program is essential though, and will be used to enter and view all the patient records. ...read more.


Using this hardware, we can successfully run all the software required, process the data and print information when needed, perhaps in colour if money allows the surgery to purchase a colour ink-jet / laser printer. Overall, I think it is fair to say this is a much better system than the one the surgery currently uses and will greatly improve the quality, speed, efficiency and accuracy of the records. It will save the staff work and time, the patients' time and the doctors any confusion over medical histories' and other important information etc... ...read more.

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