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Evaluate the use of e-commerce in a brick and click organisation

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Evaluate the use of e-commerce in a ‘brick and click’ organisation Brick and click indicates that business has shops (brick means physical presence) and also deals online (click means internet presence. My chosen organisation is Asda as they operate online and in store. Asda is a private limited company and provides goods and services which customers require in their daily life. Asda started online in 1998 and has now expanded all over the UK. Asda provide many services including grocery, general products and financial services with over 140,000 employees. ASDA’s headquarter is based in Leeds, UK. And has 532 retail store locations within the UK. Asda's operating profits increased by £51m to £857m on sales of £21bn in 2015. There are many reviews from third party sites which show mixed reviews for the online store, some include: By bringing e-commerce into Asda has many great effects on the company but also has many negative. Having ecommerce in Asda will affect the customers because they will then be able to sell everywhere in the UK and Ireland which means they can target a larger audience. Another, advantage of online trading is that Asda would be able to target the customer who are disable or don’t have time to visit local store. ...read more.


Additionally, Asda has to be aware of law and regulation about data handling. If in case Asda provided their customer?s data to 3rd party may have to pay a lot of fines. So Asda has to keep customer?s personal data safe and only can use when it is required. ASDA has to arrange training for the employees to make sure that they know the laws and regulations about online data records and make sure there are IT professionals that will be required to keep website maintaining and running. The employees will be less and will need less training than those in a brick store which is more cost effective. In a brick store there will need to be staff for checkout, customer service, stock, cleaning and much more and all these people need to be trained; this must happen in all 532 stores which will be costly for the company. Their click store is one central place which means multiple people are not needed to be trained for different areas of the country which means click stores are better in terms of staff and training. In a brick store all the items Asda sell need to be arranged in a certain ways such as the clothing in one area of the shop and frozen in another section. ...read more.


Additionally, large and glass product may get broken during the process of transportation. Then Asda have to pay extra fee for spending new product again to customers. In a brick store you get the item then and there which may be more convenient for the customer. E-commerce also enables Asda to provide fantastic customer service. Websites allows customers to find the products quickly and create free accounts and receive emails with promotional offers. Customer can also share the information of the products to their family members electronically from website. However, if a customer has a problem with their delivery that they want changing, they will have to phone customer service and it will take a long time. In a brick store you can get help within minutes and the problem is resolved which provides and advantage over a click store. In conclusion, after evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages to a click store and comparing them to brick store I believe that click stores are a great way to get more revenue to the company. They are more convenient and easier to use especially for those who cannot get to a store or live in remote areas. However, I do consider that click stores especially for supermarkets will have an advantage and will be where most of the profits are made. ...read more.

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