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Evaluation. In this unit of controlled assessment I have developed a website using multimedia software. The website provides guidance for new pupils starting secondary school.

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´╗┐Evaluation of Unit 4 Controlled Assessment In this unit of controlled assessment I have developed a website using multimedia software. The website provides guidance for new pupils starting secondary school. I have produced 6 linked web pages in ?Dreamweaver? which are suitable to fulfil its purpose. Evaluation of working practice Generally, I felt that the way I carried out my tasks was good and well. Before, I started the assignment, our teacher allowed us to familiarise ourselves with new software and how to use certain techniques effectively. Some tasks in this assessment were worth more marks and required more time; therefore I managed my time wisely. In the beginning of my controlled assessment I primarily created suitable folders in order to store my files. The folder was suitably named ?Unit 4 Controlled Assessment,? in this folder; sub-folders were created for each task carried out in the assessment. This folder structure enabled me to store the files I needed in a logical way, so that it was easy to refer back to various aspects of my work, such as my animation. I also ensured that my folders and files had appropriate names so that it was easy to navigate through the folders and find what I was looking for. During the completion of the assessment, I ensured that I was constantly saving my files and producing back-up files. ...read more.


The echo technique was used to add effects to the sound. This made the sound seem memorable and attractive. I also used the ?wah wah? technique. However, this made the music sound terrible. As a result, I think a more suitable tool should have been used, for example envelopes. Justification of choice of image, movies, sound and animation optimisation The images, sound and animation used in my website were effective in fulfilling its purpose of providing guidance. I used many images which I though would be appealing to 10-11 year-olds such as a school bus, children going to school and smiley faces which would make the site look friendly. However, I do not think the image of the school bus was quite effective, because although it represents school life, the pupils will not be transported in a school bus on ordinary school days. As a result, the image is not fit for purpose. On the other hand, the image of a smiley face encourages pupils to learn about the school and therefore provides a positive attitude regarding the commencement of a new school. My animation is a clip of children going to school. I think this was an effective implementation because it made the website seem interesting, as there is a moving clip on the site. The sound that I used is quite jolly, therefore would attract the audience to look at the various webpages I created. ...read more.


Consideration of output to the web When uploading webpages to the Internet there may be possible difficulties, such as optimisation and copyright. In my website I have used images from the web, therefore, I had to ensure that the image was optimised to the correct format and ensure that they were copyright free. I also considered the amount of time it took to download my website, so that it would not constitute boredom to the user. Evaluation of effectiveness of final solution Overall, I think my website meets the criteria of the original assignment, as it provides clear information regarding new pupils commencing year 7. I think my webpages were effective in providing answers that many students may have concerning the school. I do not think I have added to much text as I did not want to make the site boring, especially since the site is aimed at 10-11 year-olds. In order to test the effectiveness of my website, I took a pupils perspective and evaluated my website. I imagined what a student may want to find out about on a school website. With this, I ensured that my site provided this information. As a result I think my website complies with the design brief of this assignment. However, I think that there are many improvements which I could have made if I were given more time which would enhance my final website. For example, implement a larger variety of interactivity for pupils such as a quiz, where they would become more engaged in the site. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This evaluation includes some good critique of the final website. It provides some examples of evaluation against what would be accepted criteria for a review of any website or design project. There are some very strong elements for example the consideration given to the website needing to appeal to the audience. Having said this, it would be very useful to have some analysis of user feedback (see last comment on document).

Further development is needed for some sections for example when the student has talked about the optimization of images to ensure the site loads in a reasonable time and there is no loss of quality. There needs to be mention of what a suitable file size might be and what sort of resizing was done to preserve the quality of the image.

Overall this is a three star piece of work that does contain some elements of four star. Evaluation ranks high in terms of level of difficulty and with some editing of text, addition of some more specific vocabulary with relevant examples of action taken and removal of superfluous statements the level of the piece of word would be boosted.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 03/01/2013

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