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Explain the function of the system unit components and how they communicate

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Explain the function of the system unit components and how they communicate Central Processing Unit This is as important for the computer as it is the brain for a human being. This is the unit that processes the tasks that programs require. It gets all the information from the system bus. After the data has been processed, it sends it back to the main memory. This device is also in charge of other major components. Input Devices There are many input devices. I have used a picture of a keyboard and a mouse as an example, but there are many more, such as : Joysticks, Microphone, etc. ...read more.


It can also be called a secondary hard drive. These devices are very useful, because of their portability. For example, if you were at your workplace and wanted to finish something at home, simply plug in your USB Memory Stick and copy your work into it, and then you can finish it at home. A portable hard drive can also be used to avoid having too much data being stored in the main hard drive, which can make the PC slow and also increases the probability of getting system errors. Communication Devices This is usually both an input and output device, so it transmitts data to the PC and then to the outside world. ...read more.


In order to open the file, the CPU has to process that file and open it on a specific software, in this case it would be WinRAR. When the processing is done, all the information that is used by the software and showed on screen will be saved on the memory, which would enable the project to be processed faster and more efficiently. In FL Studio, a keyboard is essential to record beats with different instrumental, so it would be very important to have this input device. It would also be useful, depending on the type of music that the user is attempting to create, to have a microphone, therefore, an output device. Speakers are also essential, to listen to the music as you're creating it. ...read more.

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