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Explain the personal attributes valued by employers of IT personnel.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Unit 1 ICT - P1 I am working in careers advice for IT personnel. I have been asked to produce a small booklet on valued employee attributes and communication barriers. I will write a report explaining the personal attributes valued by employers. Attitudes Determination Determination is very important in the workplace as it shows that they are able to get on and complete the work without getting distracted. Determination is also great when facing problems as the employee will be determined to finish the task and will try everything to overcome any problems that may prevent them from their end goal. Whilst on my internship at BP I was very determined to finish the work and I didn?t allow anything to distract me from completing the work. ...read more.


It?s important in planning that goals are established, strategies and objectives are decided to be successful. By planning tasks can be done in the time given. Whilst at BP I showed planning skills by looking at the tasks I had and then planning how I was going to compete the tasks. Such as drawing diagrams or writing down the formulas and where I was going to use them in my excel sheets. Time management To make the best use of your time, you need to manage it effectively. To do this you have to take control on your time and plan when you are going to complete things by; using a diary would help. Also you need to make sure that time is protected from interruptions and make sure you are strict on time making sure vital tasks are done before doing less important things. ...read more.


An employee might demonstrate technical skills by taking and passing academic or vocational qualifications, or you might have a certificate to prove that you have a special skill; such as ICT Qualifications. Health and safety If an employee is unwell then they should stay off work until they are recovered. Coming into work sick will then make everyone else sick and in order to prevent this they need to get better at home. The Health and Safety at Work Act requires all employees to ?take reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by what they do?. This Act also states that if you are an employee who has ?been injured at work, seen a dangerous occurrence, or your doctor has certified that you have a work-related reportable disease, you must inform your employer?. Unit 1 ICT - P1 ...read more.

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