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From the e-commerce strategy you gave me earlier I understand that by having a website and selling goods via the site I need to be aware of certain laws and regulations, can you please give me a brief description of each law and how they will affect the c

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Assignment 3 Unit 8 and 28 P1 Outline the web architecture and components which enable internet and web functionality P2 Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website P3 Explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved in website performance. M1 Explain the role of web architecture in website communication D1 Explain the role of the TCP/IP protocol and how it links to application layer protocols. Q1 (EP4) From the e-commerce strategy you gave me earlier I understand that by having a website and selling goods via the site I need to be aware of certain laws and regulations, can you please give me a brief description of each law and how they will affect the company. The Copyright and Patents Act of 1988 The Copyright and Patents Act of 1988 is an act of parliament where inventors can apply for patents to prevent anybody copying their designs for up to 20 years. To qualify for a patent the invention must be novel and have an inventive step not obvious to an expert in the field. You cannot patent literary or artistic works, presentation of information or computer code. These come under copyright. Copyright means you can't you copy something that has already been copyrighted. For something to be copyrighted, you must be the owner of the work, and it must be your own creation. This means copy and use copyrighted material (text and pictures for the website) without the copyright holder's express permission. This will affect Bolton Area Divers in the way that they have to check all of their products or information for any Copyright or Patent infringement. You can now outsource this job to companies that sort through the new patents and put them into plain English, and tell you about all the new patents concerning a new subject, e.g., diving equipment. Providing you produce all your own materials, you shouldn't be infringing on any copyright and providing you display your copyright notices, people are not legally allowed to copy from you. ...read more.


II. Your organisation is supposed to have up to date security measures but organisation can consider cost when purchasing new (new to them) security measures. III. If you have members of staff who work from home you have to ensure that data is secure from their home across the open network. IV. The security measures should be proportionate and appropriate to the security risk and the consequence of an information breach. If a security breach occurs, you are supposed to effectively manage the breach. The correct way of handling a security breach is:- 1. Whenever a security breach happens, you are supposed to contain and recover. You are supposed to respond to the breach and where necessary you are suppose to use data recovery and damage limitation plans. 2. When a breach occurs you should assess the situation. You should assess the impact on individuals and how likely they are to be affected. 3. You should the relevant people when a breach occurs. You should be clear about why you are contacting the people and what the individuals concerned should do about the attack. You consider notifying the following bodies: the ICO, other regulatory bodies; the police, bands, the media and other third party bodies. You should also contact the individual concerned. 4. Investigate the cause of the breach and if necessary you should update your policies and procedures according to the effectiveness of your response. Q3. (P3, EM2) Surely for each of these issues there must be some kind of security feature that can prevent / minimise the impact? What kind of protection should we have in place to try and prevent these issues? Explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved in website performance. Data Protection Act of 1998 General Protection Mechanisms You need to have good Firewalls, anti-malware, training in data protection and refresher courses and other courses which would be helpful such as digital security. ...read more.


How many hits and how much server side coding the pages have, will also affect it. How much needs to be downloaded/uploaded Some flash games and other sorts of streaming are constantly frames or the next part of the game. How graphically intense the webpage is and how quick the internet connection is to download them. How much data needs to be uploaded, such as validation and file uploads. Downloading is usually up to 20Mbit but uploading normally a lot slower. Layout of webpage Different layouts of pages take different times to render. Tables take longer to render, frames take longer to render and download. Bandwidth The amount of bandwidth you have on your bandwidth and the server's bandwidth will affect the performance of the website. If you or the site have used up the allocated bandwidth for the month, the page will not load. Browser Some browsers are a lot slower than others. IE generally is the slowest and some specialised versions of Firefox can be slow due to the way they are configured. Crome is the fastest graphical browser, Lynx is a fast text-only browser. Cookies The amount of cookies you have on your system can slow down the performance as the computer has to search through a directory full of cookies. If the right cookies for the right websites it can speed your computer up. What is turned on and off If you have Javascript turned off, it could load faster, but it wouldn't load everything. The same with most things like Java, Cookies and Flash, etc. Malware Malware, such as spyware will slow your computer down as it will be emailing other people information. Malware can download vast amounts of data over and jam up your bandwidth. It can upload vast amount of unneeded data or delete your files. At worst it could delete crucial files from your computer making access to the Internet impossible. The same with servers as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Alt Monday, 04 July 2011 Assignment 3 Unit 8 and 28(.coursework.info) Page 1 of 17 [1] From ICO [2] From W3Schools ...read more.

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