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Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software My system will require a basic hardware package that includes the ability to run access. This means that they will need a basic computer package including input devices such as the keyboard and mouse and an output device, which is a monitor. Addition things such as a scanner and printer can be added to expand the capability of the computer. This set-up with minimum requirements can be bought for a figure as little as �500, which is about the administration, costs for a small business anyway. It would need at least a 1 GB hard drive and have windows 2000. Windows two thousand is needed to run Access and word. ...read more.


This could increase the cost of hardware and limit the functionality of the programme. Data Power is also avoidably difficult when it comes to searching. It uses much of the outdated and widely unknown computer language. This means that the users of such a programme will have to have limited knowledge of computers. Also searches are very wide and on large databases may not be practical. Excel Excel is a number-processing piece of software. It uses spreadsheets and equations to calculate and test different situations imposed on figures and how they may affect each other. Excel is good for balancing books and stock control as well as a minor model tester. ...read more.


Word allows you to construct formal letters and files that can be used by mail merge to create personalised files. This would make it easier for administrators to send out special offers. Chosen Software I have chosen to use access. Access adaptable. You can make your own user interface designs as well as it being compatible with a lot of computer formats. Other reasons for my choice of excel is that I have access to access so it will be easier for me to make the database on access. Another reason for this choice is that access offers a wide range of query functions. These will allow me to set up the complex queries that are needed to perform the task the database was made for. ...read more.

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