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Health and Safety at work act.

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Health and Safety at work act. Health and safety at work act 1974 covers all 'persons' whether employers, employees, self - employed, contractors, etc. It seeks to secure the health. You need to make sure that you know and understand the health and safety requirements and policies in the workshop. You should always check your own working practices and work area for any hazards. You should also be able to identify the risks and hazards that are taking place in the workshops. It is a legal requirement that the computer installations should be designed in such a way that the users who use the systems do not have any health problems. The people who use these systems should be aware of the requirements for health and safety issues in relation to the computer systems. ...read more.


A stable base for the chair, with castors is preferable. Sometimes you have to make movements from one side of the desk to the other this is why the castor makes fewer problems. The back of the chair should be adjustable to give a comfortable position, back problems have been common for people working all day on computers. Armrests are not a good idea because they tend to encourage a poor sitting position. Office environment The temperature and atmosphere in the office must be suitable for both people and computer equipment. The noise from the computer can be really irritating. The main culprit here has been the dot matrix impact printer in the past. While their printers are being superseded by quiet machines such as the ink-jet and laser printers. ...read more.


Trailing leads are dangerous and you can easily trip over them, the new sockets are very cheap to install or relocate once power is in the room. Computer software As well as the equipment used in computer system, the software also makes a difference to the comfort or discomfort experienced by users. Computer software should be designed with the user in mind as well as the actual task to be performed. Users forum One possible answer to these design and target problems is for the managers who take decisions on equipment and layout to be aware of the requirements, and to be clear that some of these are legal requirements. A second solution which should be adapted, and which does exists in many larger organisations, is the computer users group. They meet regularly to discuss problems and find solutions to them in retaliation computer systems. Issues of health and safety. Jahangir Ali ...read more.

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