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Human Computer Interaction

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COIS 12036 Human Computer Interaction Assignment #1 Due date: Aug 06, 2004 Prepared for: Raj Sandu (T#1) Monday 05.00 pm - 07.00 pm Prepared by: Mohammad Masum Zaman Student ID: S 0006570 The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) has become one of the most common consumer devices. The design of this PDA is quite impressive and attractive. It has a welcome window and the functions are listed as icons as well their names are written underneath the icons. So, user will not miss guided or will not press the wrong key. If any users are not from English background they can follow the iconic buttons. As the buttons are appeared on one screen and they work as touch pad, therefore the users don't have to be worried to go to different pages and find his acquired options. ...read more.


for Viewing Native Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML Files. ?Polyphonic alert feature. (Built-in monaural speaker.) ?Integrated Memory Stick Slot. (Compatible with Memory Stick Pro Media*2.) The typical users expectations on a PDA might include a personal phone directory, an alarm clock, an appointment calendar, calculator, currency converter, voice recorder, several games, and a minimum of LCD screen. According to the users requirements and expectations the PDA's functionality is too high now a days. The technology is growing so fast that the users some times cannot imagine of having some kind of functionalities. For example, the PDA 'PEG-TH55 CLI�' has Integrated Wireless LAN, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML Files, built in camera, mp3 player, hand writing recognition software, blue-tooth, and many more. So, that anywhere users go s/he can do his/her business; check e-mails, weather forecast, GPS, blue-tooth and so on. ...read more.


Likely | | | | | | | | unlikely extremely quite slightly neither slightly quite extremely My interaction with 'PEG-TH55 CLI�' would be clear and understandable. Likely | | | | | | | | unlikely extremely quite slightly neither slightly quite extremely I would find 'PEG-TH55 CLI�' Aesthetically planned. Likely | | | | | | | | unlikely extremely quite slightly neither slightly quite extremely I would find 'PEG-TH55 CLI�' as an entertaining device. Likely | | | | | | | | unlikely extremely quite slightly neither slightly quite extremely The further improvements can be reduced in size of the PDA. So that, users can use this device by one hand. It can hold more integrated memory space as well as removable memory sticks. Voice recognition software, fire alarm, video conferencing, blood group tester and some other intelligent and advanced software might be attached to this 'PEG-TH55 CLI�'. This can also be integrated with mobile phones. ...read more.

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