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I am going to create a database for a local computer club that I attend.

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Database project Report on work undertaken 1.0 The database I will create I am going to create a database for a local computer club that I attend. The club meets every Thursday, Friday and Wednesday at different times. They have 40 members so far but interest is rising. I will need to create a database that will hold personal information about the members such as their telephone number, address, emergency contact and their class details. 2.0 What I hope my database will achieve In creating this database it will make it easier for the organiser to be able to change records, it's a lot quicker and simpler to operate and you can also do search for a particular piece of data. ...read more.


4.1 Member's details Field Name Data Type Field Size Required Primary Key Personal Reference No Number Long Integer Yes Yes First Name Text 20 Yes No Last Name Text 20 Yes No Address Text 255 Yes No Postal Code Text 7 Yes No Home Phone Text 50 Yes No Mobile Phone Text 50 Yes No Emergency Contact Name Text 50 Yes No Emergency contact No Text 50 Yes No Class Text 15 Yes No Doctors Name Text 30 Yes No 4.2 Doctors details Doctors Name Surgery Name Surgery Address Postal Code Surgery Phone Dr A Kinch Health Matters Solihull S46 4SG 0121 7878747 Dr B Dover Up Hill Health Portsmouth P65 4HK 0121 754 6477 Dr B King Northfield Health Centre Northfield B31 5PL 0121 445 6878 Dr N Cage Millennium Point Practice Weoley Park Surgery B31 5GH ...read more.


of class Time of class Beginner Mr James Thursday 7:45 pm Expert Ms King Friday 7:30 pm Intermediate Mr Jones Wednesday 7:00 pm 5.0 The relationships I will use I will connect all three of my tables together, I will do this by creating a relationship between them. I will link the doctor's name field from the doctor's table to the doctor's name field in the member's table. Then I will connect the class field from the class table to the class field in the member's table. 6.0 How I created my database This section shows how I created my database. 6.1 Creating the tables After loading up access you will get this screen. 6.2 Setting up the table structure To get the below screen you will need to click on this button 6.3 Creating the primary key ...read more.

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