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I have been asked by a General Sports shop using a manual system to design a database.

Extracts from this document...


ICT Coursework By Kaleem Sajad 11H1 Table of Contents Situation: 3 Analysis 4 Searching 5 Sorting 7 Back-up Procedures 9 Printing options 10 Data Security 11 Input Devices 12 Computer Processor 13 System Specification 14 Questionnaire 15 Letter 16 Validation and Verification 17 Data structure 18 Program Structure 19 Testing 20 User documentation 21 Evaluation 22 Situation: I have been asked by a General Sports shop using a manual system to design a database. Using this database they will be able to keep track of members, print out information, use the database for emergency contact and so forth. The problem with there old system was that they could not search quickly for the items they needed e.g. football boots in a certain size, if they could have a computer to do this for them rather than having to search through lots of paper they would save time and the customer will be more satisfied with the service. They could not sort products into manufacturer, price etc. They need to store their information on one computer rather than lots and lots of pieces of paper, this will save them space and it will be tidier. They where not able to print out there list of stock for customers so they would have to walk round and search manually. They could use the database to send out leaflets with information about stock on so people could see what they sell. ...read more.


Mouse PACKARD BELL INTER MOUSE Price Inc VAT �14.99 Features - 3 buttons - Scroll function - Ps2 / USB Connection - Scroll function 2. Scanner 3. OMR 4. Keyboard Microsoft Internet keyboard Features - Customisable hotkeys - Direct Internet access - PS/2 compatible 5. Microphone Computer Processor Computer processors are needed to complete the job. Saving data, security, editing data, adding, deleting and changing records or data. To do these a program will be needed, I have selected Microsoft Xp office edition for the sports club. PRICE INCLUDING VAT �259.99 It features: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint 600x1200 dpi resolution Standard Edition 42 bit colour depth A smarter way to work USB interface Effective collaboration Includes Photo suite III Reliable tools System Specification This is a table showing all the hardware and software the sports club will need to get started, it also includes the prices of the hardware and software. System Specification Hardware Total Type Description Supplier Cost Quantity VAT Cost Computer Elite Business Plus Mesh �992.88 1 �173.75 �1,166.63 Printer MINOLTA DESKLASER Magi colour �999.99 1 �175.00 �1,174.99 Monitor 15" TFT Proview �249.00 1 43.575 �292.58 CD-RW 16x10x40 Buslink �119.99 1 �21.00 �140.99 Mouse Inter mouse Packard bell �14.99 1 �2.62 �17.61 Software Database Access Microsoft �125.00 1 �21.88 �146.88 Operating system Xp office edition Microsoft �259.99 1 �45.50 �305.49 Virus remover Virus Scan McAfee �24.99 1 �4.37 �29.36 Additional Costs Mouse Mat Microsoft �3.50 1 �0.61 �4.11 Total ...read more.


Technical guide Amending fields- Click on a field then highlight the text in it, then type in what you want the field to say. Evaluation In my specification I have said that the user should be able to input data. I have given them sufficient equipment to input the data they need. They have a keyboard and mouse because all they will need to do is open files and type in what they want. In the future I could make this better because if I had suggested other equipment, for example, a microphone they could enter the data without having to use a keyboard if they could use a voice recognition software package. Then they could just say what they want entered and it will type it for them, making it much easier to use. In my specification I have also said that the user should be able to output data. There is easily enough for what they need to output the data that they need. They have a printer so they can print of information they need, but they also have a Cd-Re writer so if they need to take the information of the computer to take to another computer i.e. a home computer, to amend it. Also the Cd-Re writer can be used for backing up the software. They obviously have a monitor so they can view the information they need to see. Kaleem Sajad Databases 08/05/07 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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