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I have been asked to create an ICT solution for a local events and promotions company called; EVDOP Live

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´╗┐Matthew Dickinson INFO 1- Sample Work 2012-2013 Centre Number: 34349 Candidate Number: 7049 Analysis - Problem identification with a list of requirements. Plus Interpretation of them as input, Processes and Output Company Background I have been asked to create an ICT solution for a local events and promotions company called; EVDOP Live. EVDOP Live is a company located in south Liverpool who provides an exclusive service in which they promote various local bands/musicians and organise gigs and events within various local venues. Prominent examples of the venues that EVDOP Live use are; The 02 Academy, the Liverpool guild hall of students and lastly the Liverpool philharmonic hall. Aside from orgainsing the venues and bands, EVDOP live also provide events management services. By this I mean they orgainse security services and also merchandise to any customer who desires these services. The purpose of the company is to create some form of profit which they do in various ways. One of which being charging a small percentage of the ticket price in relation to the sales of the tickets and also charging for various other services for bands such as advertising and printing of venue ticket costs. EVDOP would contract a printing company to print the venue tickets, and then sell them to the prospective performers at a slight increase of price; is in order to make a profit. EVDOP also advertise in various forms of media. They utilise the local radio station; Radio City to convey the dates prices and locations of the various events that they organise. Aside from radio, they also advertise in various local papers such as; The Liverpool Echo- (Liverpool?s local newspaper) and also a country wide newspaper- The Daily Mirror. And again with reference to security services which is a key aspect of EVDOP?s business, they usually pay forefront for a security firm known as ATMOS Security ltd. This decision was based on the profitability of the company, as they offer the cheapest possible quote to the business. ...read more.


This could be considered better than a questionnaire as they will be allowed to elaborate on particular questions, with a questionnaire they will not be able to. With regards to an interview as well it can improve the relationship with a client as interviews are highly personal, and require some degree of personal interaction. This can be viewed as a pro in terms of usefulness as it will indefinitely assist me in creating the correct form of solution to their problem. Also an interview can allow me to gain a solid set of answers compared to other methods. As in an interview there are typically no questions written down, it can give the client a chance to elaborate on an important point where in a different scenario they may not have been able to. This may give me some important information which I may not have been able to obtain any other time. Also in terms of an interview it allows for a greater deal of flexibility between the client and me. Compared to a questionnaire, a set time can be organised which will then in turn improve the client designer relationship as a correct solution can be created. Although with pros come cons. There are quite a few cons in terms of an interview. Firstly with me interviewing the client, it will take a considerable chunk of time. This reduces efficiency as I will need to dedicate time to interview both the clients and users to create the most accurate and best solution to the problems. Also in interview environments it may be difficult for me to analyse the answers that are given either from the user or client. An answer which cannot be regulated may prove difficult to understand even with explanation. Aside from an interview though alternative methods can be used to obtain information. Aside from an interview I will use an observational method of the client to gain an insight of what they have to deal with. ...read more.


As a result the company may need to pay the cost for him to attend this course; otherwise he will not be able to use the system therefore affecting EVDOP?s lives? business and profitability due to the inaccuracy of calculations. Data Capture Within EVDOP Live there are many problems in terms of data capture. Examples of which would be the capture of customer details which is essential in the ordering of tickets and the photography of events which EVDOP Live play a key role in. Firstly the photography of events. After much research it was decided that the highest quality of data in terms of photography would be form a high quality camera there on the night of the event. The data in effect then will come from a high quality camera with a large pixel density. This will allow for a high quality resolution of pictures which can then be used on the company website or perhaps on a poster for future events etc. As a result the company may need to hire someone who can act as principal photographer on the night of the event; they will then be in charge of taking pictures through and then rendering and uploading them. Additionally though the company may ask the band to take the pictures in order to obtain a sense fo realism as to what it is like form their perspective. The data will be digitally stored then to ensure security and portability and then relayed onto a computer which can then be used to upload the pictures onto the company website. After much discussion it was concluded that the format of these pictures should be in JPEG Format. This is to ensure that the highest quality of image is displayed for the customers of EVDOP Live. As they will be coming from a camera it can be said that these images will be small in size as a result. As a result of the above process it can be said that new data will occur subsequently after every gig which EVDOP plays a part in. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

Overall this is a four star piece of work, although I think five for effort! It starts off very well and gives good levels of details for organisation, what they do, the key people and so on. There is a lot of text which is interesting and not too repetitive. This does tail off towards the end though and the final sections are not as succinct and the student tends to wander from the central needs - for example the issue of financial modelling seems to take a back seat and this was a major need of the company.

As a whole, the piece of work needs greater structure. More headings and sub-headings in order to make it clear to the reader what is being tackled in each section but also to make it easier for the student when they come to use this in the exam (which in INFO1 they do). This does detract somewhat from the quality of what is said.

I feel that as the work progresses the central needs identified so well in the initial sections are sidelined. The student needs to go back and list the key needs and from them get a definitive list of user requirements which can then be turned into success criteria which will inform the design of the solution and also form the basis of testing and evaluation.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 03/01/2013

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