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I will be making a system for a disc jockey that runs a radio station called TJ beatz, in a body building gym.

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TJ Beatz FM? Radio Station Description Of Task I will be making a system for a disc jockey that runs a radio station called TJ beatz, in a body building gym. The DJ compiles play lists that will be played in the gym throughout the day. Currently the DJ is using a very old computer system that is not very user friendly, and a bit slow when using the search tool. The DJ will compile play lists from the database he already has. By using track time, type of music, name of artist, artist reference number (random compiled play list) and maybe key words from the title of the songs, e.g. Love, Summer etc. he produces a play list. The DJ might want to produce a play list that lasts half an hour, has different artists and different types of music. If say the DJ was going to compile a play list containing drum and bass music, he would simply type in drum and bass and a list of drum and bass songs will be shown. As he did not write in the length of each track, the songs could range from say one minute to five minutes, unless specified. The songs would also be by different artists, unless specified. Therefore he could search for songs very specifically. The DJ also wants a system that will be faster at finding tracks than his old database. Analysis The DJ showed me a table of how he would like the system to work and the properties it needs. Length Of Track(s) (mins) Artist(s) Style(s) Of Music 2.30mins Chad Muska and Eminem Hip Hop My system will then show: - Tracks Matching requirements Eminem - My name is - 2.30 mins Eminem - Bunch Of Jibberish - 2.30 mins Eminem - Bonnie and Clyde '97 - 2.30 mins Chad Muska - Body Rock - 2.30 mins Chad Muska - Beatz in The Hood - 2.30 mins I agreed that this would be the best way to devise the system and the way to search for certain tracks in this way is the most ideal. ...read more.


Therefore I will not need to design any sort of data capture forms. When adding fields to the database, I will enter the information into the field entry window. Program Structure Track Search Database Fields Artists Name: I need to include this field in order to recognise tracks and search for songs by that artist. Artists reference Number: I have given each artist on my sample collection of data a reference number for quick recognition and easier searching. Track Name: Each artist in my sample has a few tracks. I will need to be able to recognise each song, and see what the song is about by looking at the track name. Type of Music: When the DJ compiles play lists, he will need to know what sort of music to put into. This field will help him recognise the music type quickly. Track Length: Sometimes the play lists will have to be certain lengths and last for a certain amount of time. By displaying the track length, the DJ will be able to compile a selection of tracks that will fit into his time limit. Choose this track?: When this field is selected, a drop down list appears displaying, 'Yes' and 'No'. As the DJ browses through the database, he can select certain songs by clicking 'Yes' on the Choose this track field. At the end of his browse, he can click on the Play List Display button, and the tracks the DJ selected, will be displayed. He can the print this list out, and arrange the songs onto his CD player. Artists Information Artists reference number: This is so the DJ can relate certain artists to the information provided for each artist in the information database. Artists name: This field is required in order for the DJ to make sure he has chosen the correct artist to find information for. Main Type and Style of music: This is another way of seeing what sort of music certain artists perform. ...read more.


I will now fill in the search with rogue data. I have filled in the search with rogue data in every box. When I press the ok button, it should say something like, "Unable to find record" for example. The ok button is located in the top right of the screen. Here is a screenshot after I have pressed the ok button, confirming my search. The find does not recognise this record. It then asks me if I want to search again or not. It also offers help on searching. Evaluation I have met each required specification needed for the database. * It needed to have a search tool and be able to search for any required track. I met this specification by including a button in the track search database, which has a find macro. * It needed to be able to hold at least 350 records, and the allowance of an extra 50 records if required. So a maximum of 400 records would be needed at any one time. By constructing a database in Lotus Approach, this number of records would be able to be handled by any modern computer. * An easy way to write details of tracks etc. onto blank record files had to be included in my database. Lotus Approach is very user friendly, and inputting data is very easy for any user. * Two different systems were required, one holding artist information, and one for track searching. This was easy to overcome, as all I had to do was simply construct two separate databases. * An easy way to switch between each system was lastly required. By using Lotus Approach, I was able to create two different databases, and link them by joins and macros. I included a switch database button in each database, which would automatically switch the user to the database not already loaded, by just clicking the button. I do not think that any further refinements would be necessary in my database, as it is already to a high standard, and works sufficiently. Tom Sharp. 1st Project 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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