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ICT coursework: Designing and implementing a book rental system

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Habib's Book rental system Contents * Project proposal * Possible solutions * Chosen solution * System objectives * Performance Criteria * System objectives Design * Chosen software * Resource requirements * System flowchart * Table design * Entity relationship diagrams * Data entry from designs * Menu form designs * Query designs * Report designs * Test plan Implementation * Implementation plan * Implementation commentary Testing User guide Evaluation Project title is Habib's Books Rental System Aim of project My aim is to investigate and also to try and solve the information handling problems of Habib's books a small shop that rents books to membership only. The owner of shop wants me to design and set up a more efficient way of storing and handing books and membership. I would be including different ways of registering to Habib's books and also I would be making a better way that would be safer and better for the company. I would change things around that would make the company easy to use and a very flexible job for the staff. Input * Member details (member number, name, address, date of birth) * Book details (book bar code, name of book) * Loan details (book number, member detail, date book due back) Processing * Look up member details. * Look up book details. * Look up loan details * Search for videos opposite * Search for videos due in. * Look up there pin code. Output * Member details. * Book details * Opposite book names. * List of books due in * Reminder of a letter about owning a book. Problem Description In my project I will try and aim to solve the information handling problems for Habib book rental system based on children's education. ...read more.


* Make reminder letters quick and easy. * Help staff do their job quick and easy with accurateness. * Provide information when it is needed as quick as possible. Performance Criteria The following would be used to evaluate the success of the new system: * It must take less than 45 seconds to find details about a member. * It must take less than 35 seconds to edit, add, a member. * It must have security passwords for member's personal information. * It must remind staff at the end of the week to send letters to members who owe books, which is mail message. * It must take under 1 minute to search for members who overdue the books back. * It must take lees than 10 seconds to delete a member. * It must be under 40 seconds to search for a book * It must be under 1 minute to find what the member wants. * On screen data entry forms must be clearly laid out to make a data entry. * It must solve errors by itself, which might slower the computer. * Member's details should be placed in a place where you must have a password. * It should be possible to input new books, staff members, and customers in less than 30 seconds. * It should be able to provide reports in less than 30 seconds in the following areas books borrowed, which staff let member borrow book, staff currently employed, books owned by the store, and also customer details. Current Resources Mr Dawson already has a computer with the following specification: * Windows 98 * A Pentium II 200 MHz processor * 14 Mb of RAM * A 1 GB hard disk with 128 Mb of space * A floppy drive * A CDROM drive * MS office 97 standard (Microsoft word, Excel, point and outlook express) ...read more.


Mr Dawson would have to buy a Laser printer to print information about books and also to send letters to the members and also has quality printing. This would cost �81.89. According to this there would be round about �600.00 left for the computer. When I go to school library the PC are the same, as the one Mr Dawson would have. I would add a printer but only 1 so everyone would collect his or her prints from there. I would buy laser printer because it lasts long and also you do no keep have to changing the ink. Table Designs Design view of Tables As you can see I have created my member, who is details about each member, I have done book, which is information on the book such as name of book, and also I have done the loan, which is date of loan. Book Table This shows my table for Books as you can see I have done a key field and also when you want to look at types of books they are already there. This table has been created for books only which means that there is information only on books. Member Table This shows my table for Members. As you can see I have done a key field and also when you want to look at types of areas they are already there. This table has been created for Members only which means that there is information only on Members. Loan Table This table is done for rental system, which shows the date of book due in and etc. this is very useful to the staff and me because it shows when they would have to pay by and bring the books back. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 BY HABIB AKKURT ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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