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ICT support

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Supporting the World 14 May 2004 (P1) The typical role of an ICT support technician (See attached presentation) Slide 1 This is my opening slide in my presentation that will explain and briefly describe the 'role of an ICT technician' Slide 2 My first slide is entitled 'basic tasks' and explains just that. These are the very basic tasks that a support technician is expected to carry out, which includes such tasks as general maintenance of the computer systems and general support for the end users that will be implementing the system on a daily basis. Slide 3 During the maintenance and development stage of the role carried out by ICT support staff, the general efficiency of the whole system is analysed. A number of tests and studies are carried out to provide some results as to find out the performance of the systems and the network they are on. General maintenance and diagnostic tools will be used and run by the technician to find possible improvements that could be done to the system and/or network and any other possible developments. The 'day to day' tasks that the technician is meant to follow can include updating of the system. This is a necessary part of his/her roles as to keep the system current and efficient. This can include software updates or device maintenance or installation. This kind of support is carried out by a number of ICT support staff as to reduce the workload. Slide 4 'Training and Support' explains the training and the support that will be needed to be given in order to implement the new system properly once is becomes live. Training is the process in which experienced and qualified personal teach the end users, as well as the ICT support sometimes, to use and be able to efficiently implement the new system. This might also include training in existing processes that the old system used and any other new features. ...read more.


Every employer should make a suitable and sufficient analysis of each workstation and surrounding work environment to ensure it meets the detailed requirements set out in the Regulations. This includes eyesight tests on request, breaks from using the equipment and provision of health and safety information about the equipment to the employee. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 These place a duty on an employer to assess risks involved in work activities involving electricity, (this can even cover electrical appliances such as kettles). All such equipment must be properly maintained. As well as these laws that apply to ICT support staff which deal with the legal limitations of how they can work, there are also the financial implications that must be considered by the ICT support team and the organisation that they work for. Budgets are a vital aspect of the implementation of a new system and end user support. This therefore must be considered and planned in order to keep to this set budget. All areas within the organisation should be equipped with the appropriate amount of stock in terms of consumables, whether it is printer ink and paper or computer peripherals to match the number of computer there are within that department. The correct funds should be allocated to the ICT support staff within the organisation, so that not to much be spent unnecessarily but the correct amount of spending should be done. It is very important for the support team to provide and write up 'cost break downs' of all the spending patterns that they need. Such items that need to be considered is; hardware replacements and backups should they break and therefore need immediate replacement and handed out. Paper and printer ink costs should be stocked up as this is an item that is always needed depending on the usage that the printers are put under. Training costs, should any support staff need to attend courses which cost money, also any other future investments should be considered and planned for as well as budgeted for. ...read more.


Helpdesk too!! Helpdesk: offers a place to contact an ICT support staff, here problems are collated and normally can be referred to when a new end user requires. Materials: Feedback forms should be created and updated so that end users can send these in with any problems and issues; this should be used only for non urgent issues of support. (P6) Automated procedures As part of the roles that an ICT support technician must adhere to, the scheduling of tasks must be carried out. However their job is made a lot simpler by 'automated procedures' There are three main procedures that can be automated; 1. File backup 2. Virus checking 3. Disk maintenance I am going to discuss one of these automated procedures, which are disk maintenance tools. The need for this kind of software is to make sure the hard disks are running efficiently. If they were in poor condition, this would result in bad performance and therefore lead to possible errors or slow access times for users that wish to access their home areas, which are stored on this particular drive. Over time, hard disk drives can become disorganised and get cluttered up with bits of data being left behind by programs. This can be fixed and diagnosed by a program such as Defrag, which is available on the Windows operating system. It is a very easy program to use and can not only tell the technician about the status of the disk but also fix the problem by organising the data back into directories, resulting in faster access times and less chance of disk errors occurring. As well as defrag there is also another utility called scandisk (or similar) that will check the free space and data on the disk, to make sure it is readable and in good order. The 'computer management' feature collates all of the procedures that can be used using 'task scheduler' and be carried out automatically, preferably once a week to keep the system running efficiently ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 7 Sam McCullough End User Support 1 ...read more.

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