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Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation P5 - Types of information systems Marketing systems ? Marketing systems are for the sales performance; they will be used by the marketing function to find things like trends in sales. Financial systems ? Financial systems is about cost and investments; this will be used by the financial department to create financial records like balance sheets. Human resources (HR) systems ? HR systems is involved with the staff and professional development; this will be used with the Human Resources department. Management information systems (MIS) ? Management information systems is the decision support of the business and will be used by management. ...read more.


Lastly, telecommunication must have a firewall when delivering data through the internet to prevent unauthorised access. P5 - Identify the information systems used in a specified organisation Types of information systems Transaction Processing system - transaction processing system are operated directly by the workers at Tesco. This then provides key data which is required to support the management operations. For example, Tesco will use this at their checkouts to track how many items they have and inform other members of staff when items need to be restocked; it will also be used at their checkouts for payments and funds transfers when customers buy something. Management Information systems (MIS) ? MIS are used by the middle managers to help ensure the smooth running of the organisation in the short to medium term. ...read more.


Inputs of DSS include internal transactions and internal files. Modelling, simulation, analysis and summarising are involved with the processing of DSS. Lastly, summary reports, forecasts and graphs and plots are the outputs of the system. Executive information systems - Executive information systems help executives and senior managers analyse the environment in which Tesco operates in to identify trends and to plan for these trends. For example, at Christmas, Tesco have an increased in sales and therefore will need to plan to ensure they don?t run out of stock and have enough staff available to compete with the demands. Input functions of EIS include external data, internal files and pre-defined models. Processing of EIS includes summarising, simulation and ?drilling down?. ...read more.

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