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Illegal music downloads. This Essay will treat and analyze main points of advantages and disadvantages of unauthorized media files sharing; Government's aspiration to put down a breach of copyright; the influence of free and unlimited music downloads on

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INTRODUCTION Nowadays, music has become an integral part in the life of modern man. For many years people have been expressing their feelings using music or the words expressed by the appropriate tune. Music has developed over several decades: many professional artists had appeared in that period, whose records were accessed to everyone in any music store in the forms of LPs, then cassettes, then CDs... It can be spend hours on discussing the development of the music industry, which has become one of the most profitable business areas. However, during the development of this sphere in the world of business has appeared a set of new, various industries, one of which is the Internet Network. With the advent of the global information network, the music industry began to suffer losses, because the Internet network with high speed began to develop piracy, unauthorized (illegal) media files sharing. This Essay will treat and analyze main points of advantages and disadvantages of unauthorized media files sharing; Government's aspiration to put down a breach of copyright; the influence of free and unlimited music downloads on various spheres of activities, such as industries of recording, marketing and modern technologies; piracy impact on the job market and musicians' income; the effect of copyright infringement on the level of economic growth of the country. Nowadays almost every Internet user has access to various computer programs for music downloads. ...read more.


Musicians need to be paid like everyone else", therefore "pirates" should be cut off from the internet to avoid further violations of the law (The Independent, 8 July 2009). Finally, one of the highest impacts of piracy is its influence on the level of economic growth in the country. Customers do not pay taxes for the music, because they download all the media files absolutely for free; and producers, because they cannot sell their products (CD albums). People, who lose their jobs, also cannot pay any payments, because they are unemployed. Moreover, the Government needs to pay them various welfare benefits to help them to survive. According to the Institutions' for Policy Innovation article, "In 2005, piracy conservatively cost U.S. industries collectively at least $25.6 billion in lost revenue" (The Institute for Policy Innovation, 3 October 2007). In other words, piracy directly effects and greatly decreases the economic level in the country. For that reason, the Government aims "to crack down on illegal file-sharing" that would help to raise the level of the economy in the country (The Independent, 8 July 2009). The Government uses various methods to stop illegal music files sharing. Among those methods are simple ones as "sending warning letters to those making illegal downloads" and more serious - as various punishments (The Independent, 8 July 2009). ...read more.


Finally, digital music downloads increase the demand of music players that increases the profit of developing techniques industries. Since customers are interested in carrying their music with them, they are forced to buy any of various types of music players. In this area the most benefit the world wide companies such as IPod or Apple. The organisers of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) claim, that the "sales of MP3 players soared by 200% in 2005 to $3bn (�1.73bn)" and demand of players is expected to hit in a future (BBC, 2006). In conclusion, the music industry is one of the most profitable areas of business and, therefore, like other similar spheres of activity it makes not only profit, but also a loss (in this paper, this loss is piracy, illegal downloads of media files). However, by analyzing all the benefits and losses coming from piracy, it is difficult to identify whether music downloads is loss or vice versa makes more profit for the music industry. Therefore most appropriate solution in this situation is to find a compromise between both sides of piracy. In other words, digital music downloads should not be stopped or limited, although it also should not be absolutely for free. Minimal cost has to be applied to every internet user, but customers should have an opportunity to choose any music they like. That kind of solution would greatly increased the profit of recording companies, income of musicians and level of economic growth would significantly raised by taxes earned on the sold digital music. ...read more.

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