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Implementation of an IT system.

Extracts from this document...


IMPLEMENTATION When I decided to start my actual project, I decided to stick to my initial designs, which I drew in specification, as I thought that they were easy to use and are appropriate for easycar and my end user. My end user Ms F.Oji requested a system, which was easier to use than the current system, as they have employees who may need a bit of training in order to become accustomed to the system. I first went to and then clicked on programs, then Microsoft Office and decided to use Microsoft Excel (I will explain later in my implementation why I chose this program) for my project like so: When I done that, I started with a blank spreadsheet, which was named Sheet: Then, I changed its name from Sheet 1 to Main Menu by double-clicking on where it says Sheet1, and entered its new name, then clicked on the blank spreadsheet in order to save the name given to it: Later, I went to the website (www.easycar.com) of whom I'm creating the system for (as my end-user Ms.F.Oji requested), and I done a print screen of it in order for me to take its logo and put it in my main menu, (I pasted the picture in Paint (Clicked Start-then Programs- went to Accessories and selected Paint) and selected the part of the picture that I needed): Then, this page came up: When I selected the logo, I pasted it in Microsoft Excel, and resized (by clicking on it and dragging it to my satisfactorily size) it to make the size appropriate, and it then looked like this: After, I went to cell A5 and I wrote in it "Main Menu", and selected font size 26, with font Times New Roman. I chose to do size 26 due to the fact that my end-user requested it, as it is clear and easy to see. ...read more.


So to do this, I clicked on the image and a dialogue box came up, and I then selected the format word icon: Then, when this came up, I clicked on the Fill, and Colour, and chose orange and clicked OK: Then my image looked like this: Now, I examined it again, and I thought that this was suitable for my end users requirements. When I looked at my page that I have created, I was assessing its design and was also referring back to specification worksheet design that I drew, and I realised that I have said that I will enter a picture of a car in my page. So I went to the easycar website and copied the car that was on the page onto my page, like so: I right clicked on the car, and then copy from the menu that came up, then I went back to Excel where I was creating my program, and pasted it on the middle of the page by right clicking then paste: This was the image that I had copied to my page: I chose this image due to the fact that it was also used in the companies website, which I thought that the end user will like. After all the copying and pasting I decided to show my end user the gradual creation of the system. I chose to do this, as I wanted to make sure that I was making the right kind of page, as if I wasn't, I would have had to change it again. If my end user wasn't satisfied, and if I showed her at a later date, that would have caused me a problem as I showed her this: and she said to me "Keep it up": When I created the button, I decided to make the employees page. I started by adding a few more sheets to the program. ...read more.


This is important, as it is the main cause to whether the customer is accepted to get a car or not. If they have a bad record it could mean that they are not careful, and responsible enough to be given a car. Where it says ACCEPT, this will depend on the customers' driving history, e.g. if in the DRIVING HISTORY, it displays BAD, then the ACCEPT row will display NO automatically. When I had finished doing the names in the same manner, the row then looked like this: Then, same as the Employee Details page, I put background colour yellow from cells 13A to 13G, and dragged with the left hand side of the mouse until I thought it was enough, like before (See pages 19 and 20), and then I also put a border around each cell while the rows where still selected. At the same time, also put a background colour on the rows from A2 to A11, and here I chose the background colour orange-to make it look like the other pages. The page then looked like this: Following that I thought that it would be a good idea that I create a macro which when the end user click the button, it will tale them to the main page. I completed this in exactly the same way as I created the macro for the "Employee Details" page. See pages 10 to 12 for a step-by-step on how to create the macro. I also decided to make a button that inserts a row, just like the one in the "Employee Details" page. The reason for me doing the pages in the same way is that it will make the pages regularize the pages. This was done in exactly the same manner as in the Employee Page. See pages 20 to 22 for a step by step. When this page was completed, I started to create one of the other main pages; this was the Profit and Loss Account sheet. I ELGIN LUTA.13K MS HASSAN CANDIDATE NO. 7067 ICT CENTRE NO. 10257 Page 1 of 25 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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