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How ICT systems affect everyday life

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How ICT systems affect everyday life for an adult in a workplace. In this assignment I am going to write about how ICT affects an adult in employment, including the way it has had an effect on that persons working style. I have interviewed Ms Duffy and she is a school librarian. Her duties include logging in and logging out books in the library, viewing what people are doing on the computers so she knows their safe, controlling the printer and controlling the internet. I am going to explain the technologies she uses and how it meets her needs. Ms Duffy works full time. Ms Duffy also comes to school on the days that she does not have to work ( when she has her day off) to have a meeting with other teachers to discuss work-related matters to do with the school. In these meetings Ms Duffy regularly brings up matters with the Internet. Ms Duffy talks about how students use the Internet. She also informs her employer (Sister Anne Marie) and tells her what girls in the school are doing on the Internet. Ms Duffy's employer also gives Ms Duffy permission to block any user on the internet who is going on an illegal or forbidden website. ...read more.


If Ms Duffy wants to write a note on her PDA she can use the mini keyboard or her mini pen that is no longer than 4 centimetres. Ms Duffy can even use her mobile phone and her PDA at home. If someone calls Ms Duffy for a request she can put it on her PDA and then she won't forget. If Ms Duffy knows that she won't have time at work to write any letters or notes she has to write she can write the letter or note on the bus as she is coming to work and plug it into her computer. This will make life much more easier for her. Ms Duffy lives at Liverpool and it takes her 2 hours to get to school, so she will have something to do on the bus because she normally gets board. This cuts all of her work that she has to do, down. The health and safety at work act (1974) is a law, which imposes a responsibility on the employer to ensure safety at work their employees. As an employee Ms Duffy has a responsibility to use workstations and equipment correctly and bring problems to the attention of her employer immediately and co-operate in the correction of these problems. ...read more.


Microsoft word also allows Ms Duffy to create posters for most things at school e.g. drama plays, or clubs taking place at school. This is very important because Ms Duffy handwriting can be very messy at times so when she uses Microsoft word to type up her letters or notes no one will know that her writing is messy. By using Microsoft to create posters Ms Duffy doesn't have to worry about using colours to colour in posters by creating posters on Microsoft word ms Duffy can choose from more than 100 colours that she can choose to decorate her poster, this also enables Ms Duffy to print out many copies than creating a poster by hand and doing the same thing over and over again. Ms Duffy also uses Microsoft excel because she can use it to write the list for the people that have not returned their books. Microsoft excel enables you to create tables and Ms Duffy can use it when she is dealing with business matters to do with money. If Ms Duffy wants to calculate the money form the books that people have not returned she can create a rule in which she can find the total. Mary Ewumi Candidate Number:1043 Centre Number:10838 Unit 3b 1 Mary Ewumi Candidate Number:1043 Centre Number:10838 ...read more.

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