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Input, process, output

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Input Process Output Members 1. New Member Joins: This information will be given by the new customer. Information will be inputted manually using a keyboard and on-screen data entry forms. This will include name, address, contact details and proof of identity is required 2. An existing member's details change: Information is given by customer over the phone or in person when they want to inform jenjams about any personal details changes 3. Deleting an existing customer: Request will come from customer if they do not wish to be a member. The manger will certify any details before they are deleted 1. New member details need to be saved: after the details have been entered the will be checked and amended, then saved and added to current customer list. 2. Changes to an existing member's details need to be saved: Changes will be amended and saved and details on the current customers list will be Updated. 3. Deleted customers Membership cards need to be collected: Details of deleted member will be noted so a letter can be sent requesting membership card. ...read more.


DVD matching a members enquiries are looked up on screen: DVDs can be searched using queries that can locate movies using categories such as title, category, certificate and date released Rentals 1. A DVD is rented: A new rental is generated using the rental form. The DVD, customer and length of rental is added. The DVD and customers are not entered manually but can be searched using a combo box. The length of the rental is entered and the due date is calculated automatically. Rentals are added to the rentals list. As the shop only has 1 of each DVD when a rental is made the same DVD cannot be rented again, preventing double renting. 2. A DVD is returned: After the DVD has been returned and paid for it is marked as returned on the rental form and is now added back into the available DVD list 1. New rental needs to be saved: rental is saved to the rental list and rented DVD is marked not available 2. The rental is saved and marked as paid for. The DVD returned is now marked available and is returned to its case. ...read more.


The list is view in report form onscreen or can be printed out Query: Search for least 25 rented DVDs 1. Search for 25 least rented DVDs query is added: DVD information is needed along with rental information. A relation is made between the DVD and number of times the DVDs have been rented. 1. Producing 25 least rented DVDs: the query will select the least 25 rented DVDs over a certain period of time 1. view list: this information is organised into a report which can be viewed onscreen or it can be printed Query: Searching for DVDs due on a specific date 1. Search for DVDs due on a specific date query is added: rental information is required. Rental details hold information on DVDs, customers and due dates, so a relationship doesn't need to be made. 1. Producing DVDs rented on a specific date: the user needs to enter the date they are enquiring about. The query will then search and produce all the rentals that are due on that date along with customer and contact information 1. View list: the list will be organised onto a report, containing information of the DVD, customer contact details and the due date. This information in turn can be printed or just view on screen ...read more.

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