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Investigating a Transactional Website (www.latestdvd9.com)

Extracts from this document...


By Kamran Adnan Transactional Websites A transactional website is one that allows visitors to buy goods or services online and also pay for them online. The most common type of transactional websites offer goods such as books, electronics, and food. However there are also websites that offer other type of goods and services such as travelling tickets, downloadable games/software or online movies. In most cases these websites were created by large companies and supermarket chains, whereas there are also some where the general public can sell their own goods. Examples for this are Play.com and Amazon.com. My Transactional Website (LatestDVD9) The transactional website that I have chosen to investigate is LatestDVD9.com. This is a website that sells a variety of movies on DVDs. The website sells only movies on DVDs including mainly Hollywood and also a few Bollywood movies. It is a very popular DVD selling website because customers can find almost every Hollywood movie they are looking for, no matter how old it is. There are even movies available that came out more than 65 years ago. Purpose As the name of the website tells it, its purpose is mainly to sell DVDs. The website is to sell the latest films that have just come out in cinemas on DVDs and sell these mainly in the United States. However in the FAQs it is written that the website also sells across the world to other countries, considering the postage charges. Nature of the Business This business only sells its products online and does not have any store or sell via any high street shops in the UK or around the world. This is a British company, but it sells its products worldwide. The customer however has to bear in mind the shipping costs of the DVD(s). As I could not find enough detail about the website's business itself, I am not able to tell enough about the nature of the business. ...read more.


The red colour attracts every customer and his eyes go first to that red colour because there is nothing else of this colour on the webpage. Furthermore there are also films available that are a bit older, but still very popular. These are shown on the homepage on the right-hand side as you can see in the image on the right. Although you will only see two films currently, but there are in fact more than 10 videos in that list. Moreover the Domain name of the website is very easy to remember and as more people will be able to easily remember this domain name, there will also be more people to visit the website and therefore buy DVDs from them. An easy to remember domain name (www.latestdvd9.com) is a very important factor for getting more customers and this can make my transactional website very successful on the Internet. The problem however is that it is very difficult to find this transactional website using any search engine. I have tried it with Google and Yahoo, but none of them showed the website in their first 5 pages. I tried to look for it using the key words Buy DVDs Online, but I was not able to find the latestdvd9 website on the first 5 result pages. This is a drawback for this business, because this makes it much harder to get new customers as they will not be able to find that website, unless referred to by an acquaintance or finding it using different keywords in different search engines, which however is less likely. However I have noticed that if you type in Latest DVD in Google the link for latestdvd9.com will appear in the sponsored links on the right side of the screen as an advertisement. The screenshot of my search is shown below: One main technique the website uses to entice customers is the use of reviews of customers to the site in general. ...read more.


Another way the customer can search for a film is by looking in the according category, which can be done very easily using the wide number of categories available. The results to any kind of ways to search are also given very clearly and in a very user-friendly way. You get a list of all films that match the criteria including the picture of the film's front cover. Also there is the facility for customers to browse for films if they do not really have a plan, which DVD to buy. In that case they can simply go to the TOP BOX OFFICE section, which includes the top 20 films of the week, where unsure customers can more easily find out which film to buy, which I believe is a very good method to help customers, that just go to that website without having done any planning before. After having investigated the website I found out that the range of products is impressively wide. You can find almost every video of the past 10 years and the most popular ones of before. Also there are a few Bollywood films available, but only the most popular ones and not many of them, which I believe is not really positive, because the website does not mention anywhere that this is a Hollywood movie selling website. As it is a general DVD selling website, it should also offer Bollywood films. The product description on the other hand is done very well, and includes all main details about every film. The problem with this is again that there is a five star rating system, which is however only about the video and audio quality and it is set by the company itself and not by customers, which does not really give a reliable and accurate image of the film as this could be biased. There should rather be a rating system, which the customers set. This would give a more reliable image to new customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kamran Adnan Transactional Website Unit 2: The Digital Economy ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)


Overall this is a comprehensive and well constructed piece of work. There is plenty of evidence to show that a lot of research has gone into this and also that the writer has spent time considering the site carefully under the different headings. Some suggestions for improvement:

1. Vocabulary - as mentioned in the document, the use of specialist subject vocabulary, which does not need to be overly complex words, just accurate and relevant ones, is important to demonstrate to the examiner that the candidate has a good grip of the content and subject matter. A really good starting point is to find the relevant point in the specification about the topic and the list the words that the awarding body have used in their own text. These are the words/phrases that have been deemed relevant so use them! In addition there are words such as "genre" that are not related to ICT but to the subject which also help to add credibility.

2. Quality of writing - at times the student has written things which are not in keeping with the quality of the rest of the document for example, "the website is really boring". This does not impart anything useful or really give any justifiable review of the website and is really just a throw away comment. If these are removed on a final read through then this would help.

3. Evaluation - this is, for the most part, executed effectively. However, there are times when a little more structure would help in the form of some evaluation criteria or some objectives. These are referred to at times but more often would improve the quality. This said, attempts at evaluation have been largely successful.

This is a very high 4 star piece of work and with attention to the 3 points above would be 5 stars.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 04/10/2013

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