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IT and Society

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Part One: 1.1 Health and Safety: The basis of Health and Safety Law is the Health and Safety at work Act 1974, it is enforceable by law Environmental Health Officers and the Health and Safety Executive who checks to make sure those current regulations are being complied with as far as reasonably practicable. The Act places a duty on the employer/organisation to take all practicable steps and precautions in order to provide a working environment that is safe and free from health hazards. It is an employer's responsibility to ensure that employees follow recognised safety codes of practice and do not endanger themselves or other employees. Employees must also provide: * Safe equipment and procedures * Safe ways to enter and exit * Arrangements should be made for safe handling, storage and transport of articles and substances * Adequate information, instructions, training and supervision should be provided * Adequate investigation of accidents Employees/organisations with large numbers of employees or students in this case, would be expected to be more diligent than those with few employees/individuals. To ensure that employees/organisations can be compensated if they are injured at work, employers/organisations must take out Liability Insurance. Employees/individuals also have responsibilities. They must: * Co-operate with anyone carrying out duties under the Act (including the employer) * Make sure they know what the health and safety rules of the employer are and abide by them * Take care of their own health and safety in the institution and not endanger others that they work with * Use work items provided by the employer/organisation in accordance with training and instructions, including personal protective equipment * Never interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety or welfare Health and Safety Regulations: In 1993 the UK implemented six European Union health and safety regulations at work regulations under the Health and Safety at work Act. The areas covered by the regulations are as follows: * Management of health and safety at work * Display screen equipment * ...read more.


Also worms and viruses can be passed via email causing infections and damage to the computer system. Viruses are difficult to detect, especially when individuals have very little knowledge of viruses and how they work. Additional disadvantages are outlined below: Disadvantages of email - * In order to use email the person you are contacting also needs to be connected to the internet * Junk mail can be received as well as your emails * Large files can be costly * Emails carry the same legal weight as a letter typed on headed note paper- employees are not always aware of this Nevertheless, purely internal or intranet mail systems, this is information that never leaves the organisations network, are much more secure although there is usually individuals within organisations who's job it is to check and monitor the emails of others. How to use a network safely - * Do not send chain letters- it congests the network * Remember that email is not always secure * Do not use academic networks for commercial purposes * Respect others rights i.e. do not use the network to harm others, do not invade privacy * Keep within the law- do not use unlawful material * Do not use offensive language or messages Information has been taken from course resources from Halesowen College GLH\Advantages and Disadvantages of using email.doc and information taken from the internet available at http://ezinearticles.com/?Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Email& id=242832 5.2 The Internet and Intranet: Intranet - An intranet is a private version of an internet or a version of the internet confined to an organisation (Lawton.S, Digital News and Review, April 19, 1995) Intranets enable everyone within an organisation to access the same information via their individual computer systems or workstations. The information is available to individual users via a browser. Due to the fact that access is limited only to those within an organisation means that there are no immediate security problems unlike the internet. ...read more.


There are a wider variety of functions on the Additions site which makes it better in my opinion I like the 'my account' facility which allows you to set up an account with them and monitor orders and delivery dates. Unlike the next site which only allows you to register your details. Evaluation: The idea of buying clothes from the internet can have its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages of buying clothes on the internet is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and it may be less time consuming because you have the option of going straight to a particular item of clothing. The disadvantages to buying clothes from these online stores is that there is no way of telling whether the items are going to fit or checking the quality of the item you are purchasing and the process of returning goods is more time consuming and costly. The methods of payment do provide a secure way of processing payment, these sites ask you to enter a security password however there is always that doubt in your mind due to fraud being carried out over the internet. Placing orders on these internet sites does not always mean that your order has gone through because the sites state that your order is being processed - sometimes items may have sold out due to high demand or have been discontinued, especially if ordering a sale item. I personally, like using the internet to buy clothes and regularly use the additions direct website because I do not like the hassle that I am usually faced with in store and by using the internet I can shop in the comfort of my own home and at any time of the day or night, meaning it fits in with my lifestyle. However there is never any guarantee that the items I buy are going to be suitable or fit, which can be a problem. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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