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Knowledge and understanding of Word Software

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Knowledge and understanding of Word Software A professional looking document is more likely to communicate effectively with the audience when the information presented is shown in a way that any one that needs to read it will be able to understand it. Professional documents are usually well structured and appropriately styled so that they communicate effectively to the target audience. To ensure that the correct structure and style's are used it may be relevant to research into the styles that have been used in past documents for the company. The styles that are used are more than likely to be a theme of colour's that are used throughout all documents within in the company. ...read more.


Headers and footers are very important when it comes to a professional document as each document needs to be presented in a way that the viewers are used to. Once the company has created a layout the employee's will be familiar with the layout and style and will recognize the colour scheme and the layout on each document. This, in a sense, is a way of recognizing the company. For example for Calderdale and Kirklees Careers it is typical that the colour purple is used for documents when it comes to backgrounds for headers and footers. Using the same text style is again important as the readers/employee's will be used to seeing that font style in all the documents that have been sent out in the past. ...read more.


When creating multiple documents of the same style and theme it may be suitable to create a template. Within a template you can set the text size and colour so that it will automatically be used when the template is used. The template can also have anything in it from pictures, backgrounds and text already in the document. For example if a general letter needs to be sent to all Yr 10 pupils in school X a template can be used. When you open this template it will have the basic letter with merge fields of the pupil's details. This letter can then be linked with the pupils in Yr 10 at school X, this will then produce a final document containing the letters with all the pupils' details ready for printing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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