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Microsoft access relational database

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Section 2: Analyze Hardware � Pentium 4 3.2 processor 1GB ram 3.19 GHz 56 kb dial up modem Software � Microsoft access I will be using Microsoft access to create a relational data base. This will let me to make tables that contain data on a specific topic. I will make a relational database my creating multiple tables and linking them together through if they both a particular fields By doing this it will allow my end user to find certain data from different tables., for example they could type in the CD name which would be in one table and it would then tell them the songs on that album which would be stored on another table. ...read more.


Other ways I can sort my data is ascending or descending by the number of songs or by the length of the album but this would cause great confusion because it would mean that you would need to know the time of the album (or number of songs) to find the particular album or artist you are looking for. Input Data Item Data Type Data source Source Format Entry Method CD name Text CD Paper CD artist Text CD Paper Name of songs text CD Paper Number of songs Number CD Paper Album rating Text End user Paper Artist rating Text End user Paper Time of CD Number CD Paper Data Flow Diagram Data Item Recipient Format Output Method Notes Queries End user Visual display or print outs A way to obtain specific data in a specific table Reports End user I shall use the print button. ...read more.


I will also make sure that the back up is kept up to data so that if I or the end user were to edit the database on the end users computer and it was to become lost or corrupt then we wouldn't have to then go and manually update the back up. This backup system is fairly simple and safe to use. Security For the end users security I will put the database system into a protected folder so that to access or delete the folder the end user will have to enter his personal password to get into the database. This again is a simple way to keep the database protected, not that it would really need protecting anyway because if the database was to be accessed and changed or deleted we could simply replace it with a back up. ...read more.

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