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Ms Matthews is the librarian for Brampton Manor School and she needs a system to get new books into circulation and read by the pupils and out of storage.

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Contents Contents 1 Coursework 2c/2d 2 Identify 2 Background Information 2 Possible solutions 2 Disadvantages 2 User requirements 2 Analyse 3 Software 3 Hardware 3 Data collection and input method 3 Data flow 3 Processes 4 Fields required in student table 4 Fields required in book table 5 Fields required in loan table 5 Reports needed 5 Database security 5 Relationships in my database 5 Main objectives for my database 5 Backup strategy 5 Security 5 Design 6 Comments on designs 6 Menu diagram 6 Form design diagrams 6 Report design diagrams 7 Menu structure diagram 8 Table design 9 Queries in my database 10 Subtasks in my database 10 Test plan 11 Implement 12 Finished design 12 Test results 12 Discussion of test results 18 Evaluate 19 Evaluation of initial objectives 19 User feedback on solution 20 Ideas for further improvement 20 Coursework 2c/2d Identify Background Information Ms Matthews is the librarian for Brampton Manor School and she needs a system to get new books into circulation and read by the pupils and out of storage. She needs some sort of system that will allow her to keep track of who has books and who doesn't, she also needs to be able to do this quickly and with ease. Possible solutions Her possible solutions are: creating a database, a spreadsheet, a manual card system, or a written list of who has what. Disadvantages Database and spreadsheet - Computer could break and information will be lost, someone could also hack into the system, also, if the system got a virus then the information ...read more.


false QryStudentLoanHistory Field username first name surname bookid title author Table tblloans tblstudent tblstudent tblloans tblbook tblbook Sort Show YES YES YES YES YES YES Criteria [username?] Subtasks in my database My database's final design needs to be split into more manageable sub-tasks. 1. Create my category table first then my three other tables, link tblbook to category with category as a lookup table, also define values, validations and input masks. 2. Create the relationships between my tables 3. Create the three forms and modify designs 4. Create sub-menu for forms and modify design 5. Create the three queries 6. Create three reports from these queries and modify the report's designs 7. Create sub-menu for the reports and modify design 8. Create the main menu linking to the two sub-menus and modify design 9. Set password for library database system Test plan A test plan needs to be made in order to make sure that my library system is working properly and is doing what it is supposed to do. Valid, invalid and extreme data will has been used in my tests. Test Purpose of test Test data Expected result 1 To see if password works correctly Enter 'school' as password Password not accepted, system does not load 2 To check if close button on main menu works correctly Click the close button on the main menu Main menu closes 3 To see if links work on main menu Click on 'Add/Edit Data' on main menu 'Add/Edit Data' sub-menu loads 4 To see if long names can be entered in frmstudent Enter new record ...read more.


Overall, I think my database was pretty good for a basic library system. User feedback on solution Ms Matthews was given the system to try out for a day, after using it she gave me the following comments on the library system I had created: "The library system is easy to use and fulfils all my needs, however, I did have trouble finding the main menu once I had entered the password on the database." "Sometimes when a book is not in the library, I need to see which student has the book to see if it has gone missing, it would be useful for me to be able to enter a book to see who is borrowing it instead of browsing through the records, I would like to see this in the form of a report." Ideas for further improvement The system could be developed further into a system with more reports, for example: design a report searching for a book based on category, a report searching for students of a particular year, a report searching for students of a particular form group. It could also be improved to open the main menu automatically after entering the password. If I were to recreate this database from scratch I would make sure there were relevant validation rules for every field in all tables if needed, I would also create more reports as mentioned above, and make the main menu appear automatically after entering the password. John Harvey Candidate No: 9125 Centre No: 13202 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Management & Manipulation of Information section.

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