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Network Administration

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Network Administration I have worked as a computer network administrator for over 5 years. I have worked mostly with networks in a mixed Microsoft Windows NT and Novell Netware environment. I am a Novell Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) and I am a certified Novell GroupWise Administrator. I have taken classes in configuration of Cisco routers. In this essay, I will discuss the definition of a network administrator, the tasks and responsibilities of a network administrator and share a day in the life of a network administrator. For documentation on my credentials, I am including my certification certificates. What is a Network Administrator? A network administrator is one who maintains and troubleshoots your computer systems. Depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of your technology, a network administrator's job can range from ten hours per week to full time. There are some obvious network administration tasks, such as installing or upgrading system software and managing user accounts and disks space, so you probably have some idea of what an administrator does. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is a consortium of telecommunications companies worldwide who have, among other things, defined a series of recommendations that describe how a telecommunications management network (TMN) should be operated. The ITU members have adopted a model of management functions that I think is of interest to us because it provides a framework that we can use to understand the role of the network administrator. ...read more.


virus. This was a fast-spreading Internet worm and file infector in pure and original form. It arrived as an embedded attachment, README.EXE file, in an email that had an empty message body and, usually, an empty subject field. Unlike most virus, it did not require the email receiver to open the attachment for it to execute. It used a known vulnerability in Internet Explorer-based email clients to execute the file attachment automatically. It had four modes of spreading: via email, via network shared drives, via unpatched IIS (Internet Information Server) servers and via file infection. My IIS server had not been properly patched against this virus. Fortunately, the vendor of my virus protection software quickly provided an application to clear the server of the virus. That was a "sad face" day. Each server has a log file that tracks application events, system events and security events. It is very important to check these logs daily because they can be very helpful as a preventive maintenance tool. Errors seen in these logs should be investigated to see if they are symptoms of a larger problem looming in the background. As I check the logs I also check the status of the previous nights backup. Most backup software has a separate log to track the performance of the backup job. ...read more.


This list would include such things as specific applications, desktop settings, etc. The goal is to make the transition from old workstation to new workstation nearly transparent to the end user. If the old workstation can be put back in service elsewhere, the administrator would possibly format the drives (effectively erasing all the previous data) and reassign the workstation in a position that is less demanding than the previous one. I have found that installation of new workstations not only makes the end user more productive, but generally the task of administering the workstation is easier because of the improvement in technology i.e. newer operating system. Some administrators have found it useful to sue a procedure called "ghosting" to speed up the process of setting up multiple new workstations. When this process, a workstation is configured with general setting sufficient for most users. Special software is used to "copy" an image of that configuration. When a new workstation or workstations is needed to be configured the imaged is then copied to the hard drive. For this procedure to work, the workstation must have the same or very similar hardware as the original workstation the image was copies from. Otherwise there will be multiple errors and the administrator will spend time more correcting errors than he/she would have doing the configuration manually. This paper is the property of getfreeessays.com Copyright � 2002-2003 ...read more.

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