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Objectives if different business organisations

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Use of IT within Commercial Organization Use of IT Information Technology or IT submit to methods used in commercial organizations for spreading, accumulating, manipulating and retrieving all kinds of data, including speech, text, movie, graphics and reports of events such as equipment fault, imposition etc. classically, Information Technology relates to the hardware and software that businesses use to control and function a range of business processes. Most businesses network their computers so that information can be shared. Examples of the use of IT in commercial organization: * Accumulating information about products such as stock control using stylish databases. * Composing business calculations such as pricing and income calculations using spreadsheets. * Presenting marketing and promotional literature using computer graphics packages. * Dealing out information, writing letters, and other documents using Microsoft Word processing packages. * Domestic announcement using fax, e-mail and other techniques of communication including telephone connecting. * Using management software such as Power Point to make rich presentations. * Creating websites as a promotional and informational instrument for an organization. ...read more.


Money can be kept in banks where Information Technology is big use. Money are kept in custom created databases especially for money so people will not need to always carry their money with them, modern technology allows us to use credit cards which was created by using modern IT technology. Using credit cards people can take out money from cash machines placed in many places which are also created using IT technology. IT Security in Commercial Organization Because Commercial organization is based on making profit it has to have security which would protect its data from intruders. Commercial organization keeping their data, files and other private things in databases and spreadsheets, so to avoid data losses or steeling by other people organization have to use data protection, security created using IT technology. IT Technology use in commercial organization Today is very spirited business atmosphere stress that business owners understand and use advanced IT technologies. IT technology is an enabler; it can help business progress efficiencies and even enlarge operations. However, the use of IT technology should be impartial with business wishes and realism. ...read more.


Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale means that shoppers can pay for goods and services by credit and debit cards. Banks can use machines to transport cash or take deposits, therefore stay open all hours. Repair people can use handheld computers to work out what is incorrect with the machinery they are investigating. Technological change in the office helps accelerate the movements of information and advances the study of information: Communication is enhanced through the use of the Intranet and Internet. The intranet is an inner system of computer communication while the internet can be used to correspond with customers, suppliers between others in the outside world. Workers can work outside the office using mobile technology such as phones, laptops and modems. Computers can be used to method, examine and store huge amounts of data to give the organization more worth information. The Internet can also be useful for staffing purposes. Job vacancies can be promoted and targeted to the right addressees, often pricing less than print alternatives. E.g. e-teach sends free emails each week featuring teachers posts to subscribers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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