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Online shopping. Online shopping is a great way for providers to promote their items internationally. Its very easily accessed to anyone around the world.

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Online shopping is a process where you can buy or sell items online via the internet. There are many advantages of shopping online some include, there is a lot more choice for example if there is an item you want a lot more shops online sell the same or similar items so you have more to choose from. There is also a wider range of items and people from all around the world can sell their items online because the internet is open to anyone with internet access around the world. The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is the security; so many frauds have happened with online shopping more and more people are having trust issues with using the online shopping. ...read more.


It has 24 hour service so people who work nights that aren't able to go shopping then they are able to do online shopping at any time of the day or night. Also less able people who aren't able to get out very much, it gives them some sort of freedom because they can do anything online without help. In store shops have very limited amount of stock they can hold, but online has an infinity amount of stock. Also shops constantly change what they have in stock, they go with the season and what's in fashion, but online shops have an infinity shelf life, although they have the old stuff still in stock they also get the new fashion in stock which means they have a much wider range of stock which attracts more customers to them. ...read more.


Before online shopping there was only shopping in store but as the world has got more technology, shopping online has become more popular. I think that as the time goes on soon everyone will shop online, but I think shops will still stay in business because without shops people cant visually see what their buying and people may want their item that exact time when they see it and only by actually going shopping you can have the item you want at the exact same time you purchase it so that's why I think that online shopping will never take over actual shops on the high street. They could improve online shopping by making the delivery time a lot quicker or allowing people to make a delivery time exactly when they want it. They could also improve online shopping's security levels, with this they could gain a lot more customers. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

Quite good on advantages of internet shopping nut not well structured or well balanced, and quite brief

Marked by teacher Ivor Borkin 25/03/2012

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