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Organisational Modification in Activities

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TASK 3C (M2) MODIFICATIONS IN ACTIVITES Business and organisations from time to time will change they activities to improve their company/business. The reasons that an organisation will modify their activities in response to the IT development are:- SYSTEM They will upgrade they system so that they can perform task faster as using old system will slow down they progress. If they use old system new software and devices might not be compatible with they old system. By upgrading there system it will also make them get a bigger profit as they will be able to do more task in one go and faster than before when using old systems. ...read more.


An example of the above would be when using a debit or credit card you will need to a password in order for the purchase to be completed without it the purchase can't be completed. This will make it safe and make customers feel safe when shopping at that company or business. It will also prevent them from getting viruses which can destroy they server if one gets in this will make them lose money and probably customers. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Another reason they will upgrade they system is to make customers happy by providing them a faster service such being able to order online from they web site instead of getting customers to ring up and give them a big phone bill. ...read more.


Also to save them time when doing task as by using old systems will make them to the task slowly but by upgrading they can do more tasks at once and save a lot of time. All of the above are reasons why a company or business will upgrade they systems. The only down side is if the company does not have the right amount of money and they spend it on upgrading their system they will lose money and might end up closing them self's down as a lot of planning is needed before putting an upgrade in place. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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