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Project Plan Forecast

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Project Plan Forecast University of Phoenix MGT 573 Project Management in the Business Environment Dr. Eli Konorti July 23, 2007 Project Plan Forecast The aim and the focus of this paper have been to identify the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) project of Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited. Forecasting enables the project to proceed on time and effectively towards the completion. Forecasting also enables the company to predict change and conduct strategies to move towards the future confidently (Nguyen, 2004). This project plan forecast provides an overview of the project, including a communications plan, a forecast of the time required to complete the project, descriptions of the project closure process and the project audit process, budget estimates, forecasted project outcomes, and three key learning points that Sahapat could apply for its project from the simulation. Communications Plan Proper communication is vital to the success of the project. Communication is the process by which information is exchanged. In addition, communication in the management of a project flows downward, upward, horizontally, and to outside receivers, such as the stakeholders. The purpose of project communications is to provide information to the project stakeholders. Project information is distributed through a variety of means, such as project meetings, hard-copy document distribution, and shared access to networked electronic databases, fax, electronic mail, voice mail, videoconferencing, and individual and group discussions. Project management communications are also carried out through software, such as correspondence, memos, reports, and documents describing a project's planning, organization, evaluation and control strategy, and progress. ...read more.


Once the decision is made to terminate the project, the closure must be planned and scheduled, monitored, and controlled-- as if it is a project in its own right. This administrative closure work is carried out in addition to the activities already planned to complete the production of project deliverables. Both these plans need to be monitored and controlled to ensure timely and effective completion of the project. From the following table, activities of SAP project are conducted, and the project needs to be reviewed for evaluating the achievement. Project Closure Process Project : SAP Supply Chain Management Customer: Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited Project manager: Kanison Premprasert Completion Date : June 30,2008 Due Date Personal Responsible Notes 1. Document IT department acceptance July-18 Kanison 2. Customer training in SAP SCM software July -20 Technical Manager Train all department before conversion 3. Archive all - Schedules/ Actual (within 18 months) July -28 Kanison - Budgets/Actual costs (1.2 million) July -28 Kanison - Changes July -28 Kanison 4. Close out all accounts with Sahapat July -28 Kanison 5. Close out all work orders Aug-02 Kanison 6. Reassign project staff Aug -05 Manager 7. Evaluation of - Vendors Aug -20 Kanison Use standard questionnaire for vendors - Staff members Aug -20 HR officer Have HR department develop and administer 8. Final report and lessons learned meeting Aug -25 Kanison 9. Lessons learned archive to database Aug -30 Kanison Contact IT department 10. Tribute awards Aug -30 Manager Notify to all stakeholders Project Audit Process Management team is suggested to follow up in each process and ensure that the development team is accommodated to the capital resource. ...read more.


If a project manager knows how to mark out and classify potential risks, he or she might analyze and find out effective strategies to mitigate the risk effects. The optimized strategies or contingency plan usually depends on risk exposure and project characteristics so a project manager may make a cost and benefit analysis before making a decision. 3. In a business world, some executing projects may operate as joint projects or a part of higher-value projects of their own clients, hence a delay on a project might create huge ramifications to the rest. As project managers, when they are planning a project, they might be worthwhile building in a buffer in their schedule so that unexpected delays can be absorbed within the schedule without much impact to the clients or co-project teams. In case projects do not comply with due date, project managers should discuss to the clients including solutions and work progression to minimize unfavorable consequences. Conclusion Projects exist in every sphere of business, markets, segment, and industry. Projects would come in a myriad types, sizes, and complexity- from small initiatives, medium-size initiatives to mega-projects. Nowadays, project management is no longer special-need management. It is rapidly becoming a standard way of doing business. Project managers need to communicate with everyone in the company who's responsible for implementing and reviewing projects. To work effectively, it must enable communicating about a project's progress, goals, costs, and availability of personnel. In addition, the effective project manager should have skills and a good working knowledge of project management process, and pay attention on risk management plan, which will enhance a project success and a long-term benefit to a corporation. ...read more.

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