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Proudlie's Xtreme Sports Club.

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Business Description: History: Proudlie's Xtreme Sports Club which is also known as PXtreme has been running in Hong Kong for 10 years and was founded by Ozzy Kumar in 1993. He came up with the idea of setting up this club when he realized that one of the only things which H.K was missing were extreme sports. The club has been fairly successful in the past in terms of its members, services and popularity. The number of people enrolling for the club is constantly increasing. At the moment the club serves 180 members. The club started out as offering BMX, skateboarding and inline skating services and training. Sports offered in this club have changed over time because of the constantly changing trends. Currently the club offers bungee jumping, sky diving and snowboarding. To be a member of this club or to be a part of one of the training and summer programs you have to be legally above the age of 16. The membership fees for people between 16 - 20 years old is $100 and the fees for anyone above 20 is $500. The membership lasts for one year, after which you must renew your membership with an additional fee or your membership will be suspended. ...read more.


The software which we will need is Microsoft Word with a customized template for each form so the staff can just open Word and load the template so all the fields required would already be there, they would just need to fill them in. Printer: The club will definitely need a good color printer to print out all sorts of things like forms, receipts, posters, banners, leaflets and pictures. The club right now doesn't have a computer or a printer so they cannot make any banners or posters to advertise their club or any new events or services. Also because they don't have a printer they cannot print out forms and receipts so they have to right down the information for a receipt and then give it to the member or the customer which is very time consuming and inefficient. The hardware which we will need is obviously a computer to connect the printer with and to send data to the printer so that it can print the desired information. E-commerce: An e-commerce system would also be useful for the club if they want to sell their own extreme sports gear like snowboards, goggles, etc. Or things like Proudlie's Xtreme t-shirts and caps to promote their club and make it more popular. ...read more.


She also has to keep track of all the members' information and details. She is the one who signs up new members and she also handles any phone calls to the club. Ivy is very good at art so she has been assigned to make small posters and leaflets informing members of new events. The IT needs which she would find useful are the database, forms and the printer. She would use the database when she wants to add new members to it or edit member info, and she would use the forms to print and give to the members. Treasurer: The treasurer of PXtreme is Jack Frost who grew up in Japan and is a graduate of Leeds University. Jack only loves two things in life: business studies and extreme sports. He is in charge of all the finance, the funds, revenues and taxes. He decides the membership fees and the fees for specific training programs or summer classes. He sees how much money comes in per month and handles the money accordingly. He decides what equipment needs to be bought. The IT needs which he would find useful would be the e-commerce system. He will figure out the pricing and cost of each product and handle the purchasing process. 2 ...read more.

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