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Punk Rock Music Club Business Coursework

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Identification Introduction I am going to create a database for a music club called the 'Punk Rock Music Club'. The word database means a collection of information that is organised as a list. A database that is stored on a computer is much more flexible and useful than a simple list that is kept on a piece of paper because it can be sorted, manipulated and printed without the need of re-input (re-written). I intend to create a database by using Microsoft Access. In Access, a database consists of tables. The tables are linked by their relationships to one another. The word table means a place where you store information related to a specific part of your work. 'Punk Rock Music Club' The 'Punk Rock Music Club' offers a wide variety of punk rock music. CD's, tapes and even mini discs can be borrowed. This club works the same as any other music or movie rental club e.g. Blockbuster movie rentals. Up to 5 items can be borrowed at a time. ...read more.


Tools Microsoft Access has many tools that can be used to create a database. Here is a list of some of the tools available in Access: * Dialog Box - A special window in which you can specify additional options for carrying out a command. * Filter - This displays records but only the records that you want to see. * Form - This allows you to create more complex filters. * Query - This is a description of the records that you want to retrieve from an Access database. * AutoCorrect - This files hundreds of commonly mistyped words. It corrects the mistyped word as soon as you type it. * Macros - This is a stored collection of actions that perform a particular task. Advantages of using a database This is a list of the advantages of using a database in Microsoft Access: * They allow large amounts of information to be stored in a relatively small space. * Information can be quickly and easily retrieved from the database. ...read more.


Member Table - Including the members full name, members address, members telephone number and member number. The above tables will be linked (related). The tables can be linked together based on a field that the tables have in common. By linking the data from two tables, you can work with data from both tables as if they were one larger table. Information and data sources I intend to get the information about the CD's mainly from my own knowledge of punk music and also from www.punkrock.org. I intend to make up the members names along with their passwords and phone numbers. Structure The data for my project will mainly be text but there will also be some number and currency data. Presenting money fields should be set to currency. Telephone numbers should be set to text. Type of data My project will be mostly text. Data Flow Chart Design How am I going to design my project? Designing my project, I have decided to create 5 tables with the following data in them: 1. Table CD - CD Code CD Name Band Name Record Label Amount of CD in stock 2. Table CD Price - CD Code 3. 4. 5. 6. - 1 - Alex Selby ...read more.

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