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Researching and recommending an ICT system

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Introduction and Written Recommendations In this unit I am researching and recommending an ICT system for a company called Mobile Mania. They have given me specific requirements in terms of the hardware, software and configuration they want carried out, in order to make the software easy to use. They have also asked me to design some templates and macros for their business, using the software I have recommended. Another task is to design a website for the business that is made up of more than one page and that looks professional, with suitable links between each page. Mobile Mania has set a maximum budget of �2,500 for the installation of this system. This figure is to include all hardware and software. They expect to use the computer system for a variety of everyday tasks, including routine correspondence, which will include letters to customers and suppliers. They would like to be able to produce a price list of the phones and accessories they stock and display coloured posters in the shop window giving details of special offers. Once the business is open they anticipate recording details of customers so they can inform them by letter of special offers or events. They would also like to computerise their business accounts and to calculate staff wages. As well as making sure the hardware and software I recommend fits their requirements they have given me the following specific tasks: 1. ...read more.


Operating system windows xp professional This is a very good operating system because. It is the latest version out. And is designed for company use this system will give you the best quality password system for record safety and any documents. Microsoft office professional edition upgrade of office2003. This software is the best of all it has every thing you need to. It has Microsoft word, powerpoint, access, excel, publisher, outlook all of these programs are designed for office use and will be very useful for letters advertisements ect. Microsoft word professional edition. This software is designed for letters and word processing this will be very useful for any formal or informal letters. Microsoft PowerPoint professional edition. This software is used for slide shows and any presentation this could be used for customer's use or work related use. For example it could be used to train staff. Or to show the customers what we have to offer. Microsoft access professional edition This Software is used for designing a database and storing information. For example you could store all the mobile phones you stock and all of your customer details and even the details of your suppliers. Microsoft excel professional edition This software is used for designing spreadsheets. This will come in very useful for staffs working hours and calculating them. ...read more.


50x is very fast for a c.d-rom drive this determines how quick the driver spins your disk the faster it is the better. The cd-rw this is a very big extra to have on your computer because you can make your own or any type of compact disk this is a very good feature to have with your computer. Samsung ml1510 laser colour printer. Replacement ink cartridge 1black 1 colour. This hardware is very useful. It is a very good quality printer it has a high standard print speed and prints on any kind of paper. This will be useful for posters and information flyers .its prints any colour and prints perfect pictures every time. Canon lide 30 usb scanner This hardware comes in very good use. This scanner is very quick at its job and does not miss a spot of the document you are scanning. This will be good for lots of things for example reprint documents and making copies of information flyers. Panda anti virus titanium This software is very vital if yo u are going to be surfing the Internet on a regular bases this software is top of the rang and can detect even the smallest virus this comes in very useful to keep your computers safe and in good working order. External hard drive 160gigabytes This hard ware will come in very useful. Because if the is an off ice fire of something goes wrong with your computer u can have all of your back up files safe and secure. ...read more.

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