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Software And Hardware.

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Software And Hardware By Karra Rothery CONTENTS CONTENTS 2 Introduction 3 Software 4 System Software 4 Applications Software 4 Operating Systems 4 Command Line 5 Graphical User Interface (GUI) 5 Utilities 6 Hardware 7 Input Devices 7 Output Devices 7 Storage Devices 8 Processing 8 INTRODUCTION The aims of this project will be to tell you about the basics of the computer, including information about the software and what is involved, for example, the operating system, applications and utilities. It will also tell you about the hardware, like the Input and Output devices, the storage devices and processing, all the information will come from the internet, from the site webopedia (www.webopedia.com). The aim of this project is so I can gain a better knowledge of computer software and hardware. It should also help other readers who are unsure of the basics of a computer. SOFTWARE This is the computers instructions or data, if something can be stored electronically it is software.Software can be easily confused with hardware because they are so closely linked, when you purchase a program you are purchasing software, but to buy software you need the disk, which is hardware, wher the software is stored. The term hardware can be usen as a noun or an adjective, you can say 'The problem lies in the software,' which means there is a ...read more.


Thes commands are taken in and processed by the part of the operating system called the command processor or command line interpreter. When you enter commands by pointing and clicking on objects that appear on screen it is called Graphical User Interfaces. Command Line A command line is the line on the display screen where a command is expected. Usually the command line is the line that contains the most recently displayed command prompt. PROMPT-this is a symbol on a displayed screen that indicates the computer is waiting for input. Graphical User Interface (GUI) This is a program interface that makes the program easier to use by taking advantage of the computers graphics. If it is well designed it can free the user from learning complex command languages. Graphical user interfaces like Microsoft windows feature the following basic components: > Pointer-this is a symbol (usually shown as an arrow) that appaers on the screen which allows you to select on objects and commands. > Pointing device-this is device such as a mouse or trackball which lets you select the objects on screen.. > Icons-these are pictures which represent files, if you move the pointer over the icon it opens the icon into a window. You can also move them around the display screen and place them where you wish. ...read more.


> Joystick-this works in a similar way to the mouse but is usually used for games > Scanner-this is like a photocopier it scans work into the computer with a laser light > Digital camera-light is received in through the lens, resulting ih a photograph which is then transferred to the computer > Microphone-this lets you record your voice into the computer. Output Devices Output is anything that comes out of the computer.Like printing out your information on a printer or music from the speakers. Output devices are: > Printer-this lets you print out your work onto your paper. > Speakers-this lets out the sound > Monitor-this lets you view what you are doing Storage Devices Storage lets you hold and restrain data. Storage devices are: > Tapes > Floppy disk > Hard disk > Compact disk Processing This refers to a class of programs that organize and manipulate data, usually large amounts of numeric data. Accounting programs are the prototypical examples of data processing applications. In contrast, word processors, which manipulate text rather than numbers, are not usually referred to as data processing applications. Examples of a process would be exchange, alter, extract ect. karras ict software and hardware project Karra Rothery Page 1 of 8 ...read more.

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