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Solving and Reducing Internet Problems

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(M1) Solving and Reducing Internet Problems (M1) Introduction: This report was produced by undertaking research into the ways of solving and reducing some of the problems associated with different types of business activities. I have identified the problems and what solutions would be. The report was produced by Haroon Sheikh and requested by Websters Supermarket. The report was compiled and submitted on 25th FBY 2008. Findings: I have found that less than one-third of Internet users have any idea what phishing is, and less than four percent have changed their online habits, despite most users being the target of numerous phishing scam attacks. Phishing scams are criminal attempts to steal users' personal information by masquerading as a trustworthy business, such as a bank or auction site, in emails or other electronic communications. Any personal data captured is used for identity theft, credit card fraud, and other crimes. Risks of Internet Connection A business with only physical premises to look after still needs to consider security, a business that presents it self on the Internet immediately has many other forms of threats. There are some issues that can affect e-commerce businesses at any time and these must be considered and monitored. These include: Spam - Not-required rubbish or junk mails, which can be blocked through easily installed filters on email accounts. Spyware - uses different methods to get installed on your PC and attempt to sell you things or in some cases scam money from you by hacking your password/ card details. ...read more.


This method is rarely used because most customers are reluctant to email credit or debit card details, despite the fact that their internet browsers will SSL encryption as standard. 2. Pay a Payment Service Provider (PSP) to collect and process payments on its behalf. This is very useful small businesses. In this case, when the customer makes a payment, it is captured on the secure site belonging to the PSP. PSPs charge a fee for this service. They also hold on to the money for between 30 and 60 days as a precaution against fraud. Only then they will pass it on to the suppliers. Examples include World Pay and NetBanx. 3. Arrange with their bank to operate their own merchant service and process their own payments on a secure website. Banks will only agree to this if they are convinced of the financial status of the business, the security arrangements in place and are satisfied with the terms and conditions of online trading. 1. Ebay is a target for fraudsters as they can easily create pop ups allowing the user to save their password and in return they will steal all your personal details. However there is a solution to this problem as instead of using passwords to log on to your page on ebay then finger print could be used. The reason for this is passwords not the solution for identity theft as they can be inconvenient to memorise and they are impractical to safe guard. ...read more.


Standard security practices dictate a "default-deny" firewall rule set, in which the only network connections which are allowed are the ones that have been explicitly allowed. Unfortunately, such a configuration requires detailed understanding of the network applications and endpoints required for the organization's day-to-day operation. Many businesses lack such understanding, and therefore implement a "default-allow" rule set, in which all traffic is allowed unless it has been specifically blocked. This configuration makes inadvertent network connections and system compromise much more likely. I have also found out that to help reduce the risks to computer security, organisations can implement sensible procedural precautions, such as IT technicians switching off features that automatically open attachments to email, ensuring that operating system updates are always installed and instructing staff about the danger of opening email attachments from unknown senders, In addition to this Anti-virus software needs also to be installed as A computer program designed to detect and respond to malicious software, such as viruses and worms. Basic Protection Systems Install a firewall on the computer. This software acts as a protective barrier and regulates access to the computer. Install Anti-virus software which is regularly updated by the Software Provider. Install software which routinely checks the hard drive to find out and repair and breaches. Download and protective patches or other recommended updates available on the Microsoft Website. Never open email attachments from unknown senders or delete them. Never tell anyone your password. Check that any young children in the family are protected by the installation of parental control software and know how to use the computer safely. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Certificate Unit 29: Introduction to Internet and e-Business 1 H.Sheikh ...read more.

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