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System Specification For Warrington Borough Council.

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System Specification For Warrington Borough Council Warrington Borough Council Introduction In the Warrington Borough they sort out if the client is a council tenant or a private tenant. If the client is a private tenant then they pass this client to another department. But if the client is a council tenant then the money advice worker makes an appointment to see the client. This goes onto the database with all the clients' details. With the date and time of the appointment. The client has now only 10 days to see the client from the when the appointment was made. User Requirements The equipment that would be required can be summarised as follows: - * Microsoft Office ME * Microsoft Access * High Spec Personal Computer * Printer The hardware named above would have to be installed within the office of the department. The personal computer would therefore have to be compact so it can fit within the space supplied. ...read more.


It would have a Del 15 inch screen display. A CD-ROM Drive and CD Writer would be needed for the worker to take monthly copies of the database home. This would be one of the latest computers out and wouldn't need upgrading any time in the near future. Also the computer would be able to handle any added packages, which the worker may seem fit. This computer would be fitted with a V.92 Standard Modem so that the worker can connect to the Internet. As for an ISP, free serve seems the most likely option because it's reliable, quick and cheap. A Printer would only need to print in black and white for the database information. Also just printing in black and white would save money, as coloured ink is more expensive. An Epson Stylus C44 Plus could print in black and white at a fast speed of one sheet per 8 seconds in black and white, but also has the availability of coloured printing. ...read more.


Therefore the computer will need to be used by different money advice workers. Therefore each advice worker would most likely want a password to allow use of the computer, and also a screen saver that has a password so if he leaves the computer on by accident you will still need the password to access the computer. All this is within the Windows ME professional package. Software Configuration (Upgrade) With the manager using the internet, and also bring information from his home computer to put on the Paper Shop Computer, the manager would need an additional Anti Virus Program such as McAfee 2001, which can protect the advice's Computer from unwanted viruses, and can also be updated via the internet to delete new viruses which might occur on the computer. * McAfee 2001 anti virus This also has such features as Rescue Disk and Quarantine. The Rescue disk produces a Rescue disk so the computer configuration that you want is saved in case that the computer would ever needs formatting. AVCE I.T. Unit 5 - Page :1 ...read more.

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