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Systems Analysis Systems Analysis systems Analysis

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Summaries the stages of the systems cycle and identify some of the methods or its variations used for systems analysis highlighting their features. Brief Introduction: In this task, I need to summarise the stages of the systems cycle Definition of SDLC: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - a methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems. The stage in the SDLC are : Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing, Implementation * The stages of the systems cycle Feasibility study- A report written by systems analysts advising the management on whether to introduce a new computer system Analysis- Developing and activating a new computer system. Design- This is the design of the program. ...read more.


Waterfall- The waterfall model is software development model in which development is seen as flowing downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing. 2. Spiral- The spiral model is a software development process combining elements of both design and prototyping in stages. 3. Prototype- Creating a sample of a new system so that users can get an idea of what the system will offer and provide feedback on the system required. Relate the stages of a selected systems development cycle to the scenario, to show a detailed knowledge of the stages and of the methods used to undertake a systems investigation. ...read more.


and indicate what procedure would I use in each stage Feasibility study Introducing accounting system include sales invoicing so that when Southall Illustrations customer buy goods, a sale invoice sent from Southall Illustrations to request payment from the buyer. Analysis The systems analyst will investigate all aspects of the current system: Southall Illustrations at this time have three machines that are used by the administrative staff for producing letters and by the graphics team for some of the graphics work. What is lacking in the system that the rest of their systems are currently carried out manually such as; producing invoices, tracking customer's orders, and all financial information, the system can be improved by installing a new accounting system that deal with all the manual tasks. ...read more.

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