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Tatton Homes ltd. ICT Systems Report

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Tatton Homes ltd. ICT Systems Report Current IT used by Tatton Homes Ltd At current tatton homes has a small Local Area Network (LAN) consisting of twelve PC's and four printers. The software on the network includes: * Word Processing * Desktop Publishing (DTP) * Accounting * Payroll * Database * Spreadsheet * Computer Aided Design (CAD) Scott Lyons and his technician deal with faults with software or hardware Recommendations for improvements The Tatton Homes Ltd. system at current could be improved by converting the LAN to a wireless network (WLAN) this will make the office less complicated and make it simpler for employee to access the network on mobile devices the company would need a fast internet connection for the two offices to communicate together possible a T1 Connection also employees could work from home but would need a satellite connection to keep the laptop wireless. ...read more.


Another piece of valuable software is lotus notes which Integrates your most valuable messaging, collaborative and personal information management (PIM) resources-like e-mail, calendar, to-do list-to allow users to access them while connected with or disconnected from your network. If they want to use only Microsoft products outlook would be the next alterative. If the company were after saving money the company could look into hot desking in an area this also would be a great idea for being a completely wireless business. Possible Benefits from making the changes There are a huge amount of benefits from the recommendations I have made to start with upgrading the network to a wireless one has a array of advantages, simply there is less clutter in the office as there is no wires, also pc's can be moved around and be further apart, A user with a laptop and a wireless connection can roam their office building without losing their connection, or having to log in again on a new machine in a different location. ...read more.


some disadvantages to my recommendations, while there are many benefits to wireless networking, there are also some disadvantages, these fall into three categories: speed, cost and security. For instance the speed of a wireless network tends to be slower than that of a wired network; cost is a big issue as wireless networks can cost 3 times as much as of a LAN, the most important disadvantage: security Wireless networks also give rise to their own security concerns, since poorly secured networks can be pried open by hackers. Moving on to the T1 connection the major disadvantage of this is the extremely high cost and is only possible if the business is in a T1 area. The 3D Software upgrades is similar to the T1 as usually this software is very expensive, it also needs a skilled user to use this software efficiently. Aaron Evans: Reg No.W339943 AVCE ICT TASK 4: Centre No.68516 ...read more.

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