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Testing an E-commerce Website

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´╗┐Introduction One of the main things you will have to look at when designing new e-commerce website is to test the website how it works, how well is it designed and if their is any technical difficulties or if the website is only directed at males rather than female. If the website does not meet the expectation of the audience it will cost the organisation a lot of more and the following steps are been taken out to ensure specific testing made on the new website. * When you are designing a website you will need to make sure your website has good quality this is because if your website is slow or takes time to load a page this could impact the audience, for this reason you will need to make sure the quality of the website is good for the target audience use. ...read more.


Which could then be fixed so the other users to don?t give your website bad feedback on how?s your website is running. * To make sure you design a plan which demonstrates what has to be tested and how it could be tested, if it?s easy to use and understandable. You will also have to make step by step routines for every pages that you will have in your website. This will help the tester to follow step by step to find out how the functioning and how it?s detailed. * Another way of testing a website might be testing it on the different internet browsers programs for example Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini and many more, by running the website on different internet browsers will show if there is any issues with the website, if it is then the website issues need to be fixed. ...read more.


However also they need to make sure that the changes that have been fixed and the tasks that they have picked are right for the people. * There will be three tasting stage, which will make sure the website is looked through properly to make sure that changes that are made is fixed and also it will make sure the changes that have been made does not affect any other website functions which will then make the website not fully completed. * Once the website is completed, you will need to make sure that you check the website functioning are fixed right and other features like site pages are working that way it should, after checking very thing they will need to make sure they conduct a final loop and test on browser live with password protected only, this will allow visitors to access the webpage that has the password to access the site. ...read more.

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